Associate member

The team welcomes applications for associate membership of the team. With some restrictions, detailed below, associate members can take a full role in all non-operational aspect of the team.


Associate member

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Associate members have previously held marketing, fundraising, public relations, call out officer positions within the team or taken part in such activities. In addition associate members have provided specialist training and acted as casualties for team training and exercises.

Associate members:

  • Can be elected to non-operation trustee positions on the committee and positions on non-operational subcommittees.
  • Membership is only awarded by resolution passed by a simple majority of the members present and voting at a general meeting of the membership.
  • Are not required to pay an annual membership fee.
  • Do not have a vote at a general meeting of the membership, however an Associate Member elected as a Trustee shall be entitled to vote at a meeting of the Trustees

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associate member