Operational member

The Team is always looking to recruit new Operational members. If you fit into the following criteria you may be interested in joining:


Operational member


Aged between 18 – 70.

Physically fit.

Live within about one hours travelling time of the Team base in Snainton.

Have your own transport.

Either be an experienced hillwalker/climber.

Or a medical professional with an interest in search and rescue.

Be able to offer the Team a minimum of fifteen days a year (mainly at weekends).


Those wishing to be considered for operational membership are encouraged to contact the team at any time through the year to record their interest.  We encourage prospective operational team members to attend one of our open evenings which we generally hold each autumn before being considered for inclusion in our training programme towards Operational membership.   We accept applications for associate membership at any time through the year and joining as an associate member is a good way to get to know the team while waiting for the annual operational induction.

All new members are put on ‘probation’ for a period of at least twelve months, in which time you would need to meet the minimum commitment expected and attend an induction session and an assessment course. Any commitment above the minimum is welcomed and encouraged. Probationary members are called out at the Operations Group discretion and are not normally allowed to attend incidents in their first six months of training.

From the time of joining the Team trainees are required to pay an annual membership of £80. PPE Kit is being rolled out over a 5 year period and includes full waterproofs, climbing helmet and harness, corporate clothing, hi-vis kit and first aid kit. The Team carries full public liability insurance but does not carry insurance for loss or damage to Team Members property. Personal accident insurance is provided by the Police when on a callout.

Operational member

All team members are expected to have or purchase the items of equipment listed below by the end of their probationary year. This equipment is your callout gear and should be carried at all times when out with the Team.

Items marked * are those that we would expect a prospective member to already possess and know how to use.

If you are considering applying to joint the team we strongly recommend you take advice from current team members before investing in any equipment you do not have.

  • Suitable outdoor clothing and walking boots* (jeans and trainers are not permitted for training or incidents)
  • Maps – North York Moors 1:25000 East and West Sheets*, Explorer 300 – Malton & Howardian Hills, Explorer – 301 Scarborough.  Note that we recommend the ‘encapsulated’ or weatherproof maps over the paper range.
  • Compass and whistle*
  • Head torch and spare batteries*
  • Hand-held torch (min 10cm lens diameter or 2D maglite) and spare batteries/rechargeable
  • Two green snaplight sticks
  • Spare boot laces*
  • Flask and hot drink*
  • Survival bag (orange plastic bivi bag)*
  • Waterproofs (top and bottom)*
  • Spare clothing – thick upper , gloves and hat
  • Emergency food
  • Rucksack*
  • Notepad and pen*
  • Team field manual
  • Climbing helmet
  • Knife
  • Safety goggles
  • Comprehensive first aid kit – to comprise
    • Latex gloves
    • 2 large sterile dressings
    • Crepe bandages
    • 3 triangular bandages
    • Torch
    • Micropore tape
    • Sticking plasters
    • Plastic bag / clingfilm
    • Scissors/knife
    • MR Kit 1 drugs
  • First aid kit desirable extras
    • Thermometer – digital or low-temperature
    • Cas straps
    • Laerdal pocket mask

If you are considering applying to joint the team we strongly recommend you take advice from current team members before investing in any equipment you do not have.

The above list is the minimum personal equipment to be carried by Team Members. You are expected to be self-sufficient for 24 hours and should be aware of the environment and conditions that you will be expected to operate in.

The current annual attendance requirements for team members are:

  • Attend at least 3 exercise days
  • Pass an annual Basic Life Support assessment
  • Attend at least two of the Teams fundraising walks
  • Attend at least two other fundraising events
  • Pay the annual fee
  • Carry your callout gear at all times when with the team
  • Obtain a good working knowledge of our area
  • Recommended – vaccinations for Tetanus and Hepatitis B

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