Incidents 2018

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Search – 23rd April – 08:16 – Sleights – 23rd April – 31/2019

Resumption of the search for the gentleman missing from home in Sleights since 10:00 on the 22nd.   In light of the fact that we had been deployed overnight on the search and that many of our operational volunteers were at work we asked for assistance from Cleveland MRT and RAF Leeming MRT to augment the 12 of our team members who were available.

Sadly in the early afternoon a composite search party from RAF Leeming and our team found the body of a man in one of our search area.   Our thoughts are with the gentleman’s family and friends at this difficult time.  Thanks to Cleveland MRT and RAF Leeming MRT who readily deployed to help in the search.

Search – 22nd April – 22:53 – Sleights – 22nd April – 30/2019

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable 60 year old gentleman missing from home after going out for a walk at 10:00 that morning.  After extensive searches with no result the team were stood down by the police at 04:36.

Medical assistance – 21st and 22nd April – Dalby Forest – 28 and 29/2018

Medical assistance provided to the National XC MTB / Nutcracker event in the Adderstone Field area of Dalby Forest.   Over the two days we dealt with around 13 incidents ranging from a fractured wrist, a head injury and a number of lesser mountain biking injuries.

Rescue – 20th April – 14:23 – Hutton le Hole – 27/2018

Request for assistance from Yorkshire Ambulance Service in locating and evacuating 64 year old male with ankle injury on a farm track near Hutton-le-Hole.  Stood down while mobilising as the YAS crew had found the patient and could evacuate them direct to their vehicle.

Rescue – 10th April – 11:40 – Star Carr – 26/2018

Called by North Yorkshire Police to advise that the missing person from incident 24/2018 had been found and a request to assist them and Yorkshire Ambulance Service in the transport of the lady to definitive medical care in the local hospital. Thirteen team members and one vehicle deployed for fifty minutes.

Standby – 10th April – 08:30 – Seamer – 25/2018

Placed on a formal standby to continue the search for the missing person from incident 24/2018.  Depending on ongoing police investigations we were to be tasked to search areas to the North and West of Seamer through the afternoon and evening.  Eleven of our operational team members had offered their time.  In the event the lady was found before the search tasking (see incident 26/2018).

Search – 9th April – 08:49 – Seamer – 24/2018

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a 53 year old vulnerable female missing from home in Seamer since 09:50 Sunday 8th of April.   Despite extensive searches in and around Seamer and the assistance of the HMCG Helicopter from Humberside there was no find.  We were stood down early evening but remain on standby should the ongoing police investigations require us to search further area.

Our thoughts are with the ladies family and friends at this difficult time.

Seventeen volunteers deployed for nine hours.

**UPDATE from North Yorkshire Police  11:44 10th April** Denise has been found and is being cared for by the Emergency Services, NYP would like to thank the public for their help in locating Denise.**


Search – 5th April – 14:03 – Filey – 23/2018

Called by North Yorkshire police to use SARLOC to attempt to locate a missing female and her eight year old daughter believed to be missing in the Filey area.  There was no response to the SARLOC message and we were subsequently stood down.

SARLOC involves us sending a text to the phone of a missing or lost person asking them to reply to the text where the reply automatically appends the GPS location of the phone (the recipient is advised of the fact that their location is sent in the reply).

Standby – 17th March – 20:01 – Kildale – 22/2018

At the request of Cleveland MRT the team were placed on standby to potentially assist with any evacuation of the Hardmoors 55 Challenge event.

Standby – 17th March – 16:00 – Yorkshire Wolds – 21/2018

Team response drivers and casualty carers placed on standby for 14 hours in support of Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Humberside Police during a period of anticipated adverse weather.

Rescue – 10th March – 19:15 – Low Dalby – 20/2018

While providing first aid cover at the No Ego Challenge we were approached by a mountain biker who has sustained minor facial injuries.  After initial investigation mild pain relief was administered with the recommendation that he attend A and E at his convenience.

Search – 3rd March – 21:14 – Tadcaster – 19/2018

Tasked by North Yorkshire Police to search wooded area for a vulnerable 38 year old male missing form home.   A number of area searched without result however the gent was found safe and well later well out of the area.

Rescue – 3rd March – 17:51 – Skewsby – 18/2018

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance service to reports of a 14 year old unconscious after a sledging accident. Stood down while on route as they had regained consciousness and walked to the waiting ambulance.

Rescue – 3rd March – 13:23 – Keldy Cabins – 17/2018

Assisted North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service with the evacuation of a lady with a lower leg injury.

Rescue – 1st March – 22:10 – Killham – 16/2018

Alerted by Humberside Police to a motorist stranded in the snow in the Killham area.

Rescue – 1st March – 18:01 – Stape – 15/2018

Called by North Yorkshire Police to a car with two occupants reported to be have been trapped in the snow in the Keys Beck Road area, Stape.  After establishing their exact position with SARloc we deployed team members in two of our team 4×4 vehicles to recover the vehicle to a clear road and then  escorted it safely back to Pickering. Seven team members deployed for two and a half hours.

Standby – 1st March – 15:00 – County wide – 14/2018

Along with other North Yorkshire volunteer mountain rescue teams we have committed one 4×4 vehicle and 5 team members on standby to North Yorkshire County Council to be available until 23:59 2nd March 2018 to deal with county wide incidents during the adverse wether conditions.

Rescue – 1st March – 02:00 – Wold Newton – 13/2018

Around an hour after standing down from 12/2018 Humberside Police called us out again to more stranded vehicles and occupants, this time around the A165 in the Bridlington area.   Initial tasking was to three vehicles with one occupant suffering from angina however quickly escalated to further stuck vehicles, road traffic collisions and road blocks.   Six team members deployed for nine and a quarter hours.


Rescue – 28th February – 18:36 – Millington – 12/2018

Contacted by Humberside Police to provide assistance to motorists stranded in the snow in the Thixendale Huggate area of the Wolds.   Four vehicles visited and cleared and where necessary occupants evacuated to a place of safety. Six team members and two 4 x 4 vehicles deployed for six hours.

Standby – 27th February – 09:00 – North York Moors – 11/2018

Proactive vehicle patrols throughout the Moors in response to the early stages of “The Beast from the East” adverse weather.  Two 4×4 vehicles deployed for three hours with no incidents reported.  A roads generally clear of snow, B roads passible with care.

Search – 24th February – 17:55 – Ravenscar – 10/2018

While assembling in the area of Dalby/Langdale Forest for a night exercise the team were called by North Yorkshire Police to an elderly vulnerable male out cycling and not seen since early afternoon in the Ravenscar area.

While we were on route between the two locations the gentleman was found in a cold and confused state at the side of a quiet country lane by a team member.   He was quickly moved to one of our vehicles for an initial assessment and warming while an ambulance was requested from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to transfer him definitive medical care.

He was very lucky on two counts, firstly the keen eyes and inquisitive nature of the team member who found him and secondly the fact that we drove that route at all from our exercise area.   It is not a road team members would normally use to travel to Ravenscar from home or the base and was well to the south of the gents last known position and what would have been our initial search areas.  It could have been much worse if he had been out any longer in near freezing conditions with a significant wind chill factor.

Once he was safely transferred to the care of Yorkshire Ambulance Service we returned to our exercise with a wide area search and successful rescue in Langdale Forest, finally standing down in the early hours of the morning. Picture shows team members back on the exercise.




Search – 18th February – 15:45 – Millington Woods – 09/2018

The team received a request from Humberside Police to assist with the search for a vulnerable male missing from home in Pocklington.  Information from the family was that Millington Woods was a particular favorite location of the gentleman and so it was agreed to conduct an initial search of this area. While mobilizing the team he was found safe and well walking on the disused railway line to the south east of Pocklington.

Rescue – 12th February – 15:17 – Cayton Bay – 08/2018

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist with the rescue of a vulnerable female in the vicinity of Cayton Bay.  Once it was determined that HMCG were also on route we were stood down.

Rescue – 7th February – 16:02 – Wheeldale Moor – 07/2018

Incident 07/2018 16:02 7th Feb. Called by North Yorkshire Police to an elderly couple whose car had left the road on the north facing slope of the Stape to Egton Bridge road at Wheeldale Gill high on the North York Moors National Park.
On route we were advised that the couple had been successfully rescued by the police along with the occupants of two other vehicles which had also left the road in the icy conditions in the area. As there were multiple other vehicles involved we were asked to clear the whole road of stranded drivers between Stape and Egton Bridge.
Upon arrival at Wheeldale Gill we successfully recovered a fourth car from a ditch along with the two occupants and their two dogs and escorted them to Pickering to continue their journey. (after a short wait for a Highway Agency vehicle to self rescue and clear itself from the road).
In debriefing the occupants of the car we were told that they also had a recovery vehicle from a well known national rescue company on route to assist them. In contacting the driver of that vehicle we discovered that he too had become stuck on the gated road above Egton Bridge so to finish the evening off we drove over the moors to recover his vehicle and see him safely on the way to his next job.
Six team members and two 4 x 4 vehicles deployed for just over four and a half hours.

Medical cover – 27th January – 18:15 – Dalby Forest – 06/2018

Treatment of a small number of minor injuries at the No Ego Torch Challenge

Rescue – 21st January – 14:25 – Fenwick – 05/2018

Request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to attend a road traffic collision with reports of persons trapped at Fenwick (north of Doncaster). This request was due to adverse weather conditions.  We advised that our travel time would be in  excess of one hour and as such YAS opted to send their closest crews.  Team stood down.

Rescue – 13th January 11:16 – Ravenscar – 04/2018

Along with HMCG teams from Ravenscar, Burniston and Scarborough we were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a 28 year old female who had sustained a lower leg injury abut 100m from the bottom of the cliff path running to the rocks below the Raven Hall Hotel.  After initial treatment on scene a request was made to the MCA helicopter from Humberside to winch to a waiting ambulance in the hotel grounds to save a long and uncomfortable stretcher evacuation for the casualty (and team members).  Yorkshire Air Ambulance also in attendance which provided medical assistance.

Standby – 9th January 22:23 – Boroughbridge – 03/2018

Along with Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association and Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team we were alerted by North Yorkshire Police to a gentleman reported missing from a road traffic collision in the area of Boroughbridge (on the border of the three teams).  Team were to be deployed if the police search was unsuccessful.

Search – 7th January 18:30 – Robin Hoods Bay – 02/2018

Alerted to a 27 year old cyclist overdue from a ride along the old railway line from Robin Hoods Bay to Scarborough.  As the team were mobilising we were contacted by the reporting person to say they had contacted the cyclist and all was well.  Team stood down.

Rescue – 1st January 12:10 – Scarborough – 01/2018

While providing first aid cover to the  Scarborough Lions Charity New Years Day Dip we were alerted by a member of the public to an unconscious male in a nearby building,
Several team members attended and found a 65 year old male laying prone on the floor who had just regained consciousness.
After several minutes the casualty had recovered sufficiently and after being checked over by one of our medial practicioners was discharged to home via one of his relatives.