Incidents 2019

Keep returning to this page for detail on our incidents through 2019

Rescue – 20th May – 20:47 – Pickering – 18/2019

Called by North Yorkshire Police to a seventeen year old female, coincidently the daughter of one of our team members, who had fallen from her horse and reported to have sustained leg injuries.
Following treatment on site by the team and evacuation by Yorkshire Air Ambulance thankfully on arrival at hospital it was determined that, while serious, her injuries were not as bad as first thought.   Twenty team members deployed for two and a half hours.

Speedy recovery Megan.


Rescue – 19th May – 12:10 – Ravenscar Cliff path – 17/2019

Called to a lady running the Ravenscar Coastal Half Marathon who had fallen and sustained a wrist injury. Pain relief and splinting administered on scene before evacuation to hospital for further treatment.

Rescue – 19th May – 10:47 – Ravenscar cinder track – 16/2019

Called to a runner on the Ravenscar Coastal Half Marathon who had fallen while running on the cinder track.  The gentleman was treated on scene and then evacuated to the event control at Ravenscar Village Hall where he became unwell.  He was evacuated to definitive medical care by Yorkshire Ambulance Service. (footnote – the gentleman has recovered and publicly thanked the team for their assistance).

Standby – 14th May – 21:50 – Whitby – 15/2019

Following a public appeal for help by Whitby Police in the search for a missing 70 year old female we contacted North Yorkshire Police control Room to offer the use of PhoneFind.  At that point the police were yet to identify whether the lady had a mobile phone but thanked us for our offer and committed to get back to us if PhoneFind would be of assistance.

Search – 9th May – 01:18 – Oliver’s Mount – 14/2019

The team were deployed in the early hours of this morning to assist North Yorkshire Police as part of a wider search for a gentleman they had concerns for.
We deployed three hill parties, including one of our search dogs, to search the wooded area and steep ground surrounding Oliver’s Mount, Scarborough. Having completed the areas without result the police stood us down at 06:00.

Rescue – 1st May – 14:02 – Helmsley – 13/2019

Called by North Yorkshire Police to reports of a member of a walking group who had been incapacitated by back pain while walking in woodland close to Helmsley.  The gent was treated with analgesia by the team before evacuation in a team vehicle.   Nine team members deployed for two and a half hours.

Rescue – 28th April – 13:32 – Hovingham Lodge – 12/2019

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a lady who had sustained a lower leg injury on a public footpath in the vicinity of Hovingham Lodge.  After a brief search to find the lady we treated her injuries and carried her to the road for transfer to a waiting ambulance and transport to definitive medical care.  Sixteen team members and two of our vehicles deployed for two and a half hours.

Rescue – 24th April – 10:59 – Hawnby – 11/2019

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to an incident close to Hawby Village. Reports of a male being stuck by a falling tree.  The incident was actually in Cleveland MRT area who were closer so the call was transferred to them with us remaining on standby until they determined they had sufficient manpower to deal with the situation.

Search – 12th April – 11:42 – Seamer Road, Scarborough – 10/2019

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable, high risk 15 year old male missing from school in Scarbrough.  Thankfully he was found safe and well while the team were on route.  Ten team members deployed for one hour thirty three minutes.

First Aid cover – 7th April – 14:45 – Scarborough Castle – 09/2019

Treatment of a couple of minor injuries sustained by participants in the ‘Walking the Walk’ fundraiser.

Rescue – 30th March – 15:55 – Racecourse Road, Scarborough – 08/2019

Whilst returning to base from a training day one of our team vehicles came upon a RTC that had just occurred. Two motorcycles had collided at relatively low speed. Two riders were sat on the side of the road and a third was stood up and walking. Team casualty carers made the scene safe, assessed the 3 persons involved whilst others managed the traffic and a team Incident Controller called North Yorkshire Police. The Police stood the team down on their arrival as no further immediate casualty care was needed. Picture by TC Mark Pattison


Search – 10th February – 08:30 – Carlton – 07/2019

Continuation of the search on 9th February with six team members deployed for six hours in support of Cleveland MRT.  Having cleared the area requested by North Yorkshire Police the team were stood down,

Search – 9th February – 07:00 – Carlton – 06/2019

Deployed in support of Cleveland MRT.  Their report copied below:

We were alerted at 1830hrs by North Yorkshire Police on Friday Feb 8th to assist in a search for missing 50 year old Nicholas Harper, from Pickering who’s absence was giving the Police cause for concern.
Mr Harper’s car had been found at one of the moorland carparks at Cowbank Farm near Helmsley and the Police asked if we could search the forestry and footpaths around that area.
20 Team members responded to the initial callout and, along withmembers of North Yorkshire Police, carried out a thorough search for around a kilometre around the carpark without success.
Police dogs and a police helicopter were also deployed.
The search was escalated at 0900hrs on Saturday 9th February with 27 members of Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team involved along with 18 members of Scarborough and Ryedale MRT. Five specially trained dogs from the Mountain Rescue Search Dog Association were also deployed along with Police Officers and the Police Helicopter.
Tracks and forestry extending up to five miles from the carpark were searched in an operation that lasted around eight hours.
No signs of the missing man were found.


Standby – 8th February – 18:57 – Carlton – 05/2019

Placed on standby for a potential search to assist Cleveland MRT for a search for a missing gentleman in the Carton area after his car had been found in a local car park.

Rescue – 1st February – 15:42 – Wad Dale – 04/2019

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a patient with an ankle injury in Wad Dale, North of Helperthorpe on the Yorkshire Wolds in a location inaccessible to a road ambulance.  Because of the remote location we used the SARCall PhoneFind application to confirm the exact location of the patient to guide assets into the find site.   The patient was then treated by and flown to definitive medical care by one of the Yorkshire Air Ambulances.  Twenty four team members and two of our 4 x 4 ambulances deployed for just over one and a half hours.

Rescue – 30th January – 14:46 – Chimney Bank – 03/2019

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a single vehicle road traffic collision on Chimney Bank, Rosedale.   The vehicle had slipped off the road in winter conditions and one person was reported trapped. Stood down while en route as emergency services on scene had dealt with the situation.  Eleven team members deployed for one hour.

Search – 26th January – 19:44 – Sneaton – 02/2019

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable female missing from home after leaving for a walk earlier this afternoon.  We were subsequently stood down by the police while mobilising as the lady had been found in a field by a local resident and was now safe and well. Eight team members activated for thirty minutes.

Search – 20th January – 18:18 – Egton High Moor – 01/2019

Called by North Yorkshire Police at to reports of a red flare being seen above Egton High Moor in the North York Moors National Park.

Thanks to a good description of the likely location of the flare and evidence on the ground we identified the launch site as being the junction of a green lane and public highway. After a search around of that area it was determined that there was no one in distress and the team were stood down by the police.

Eighteen team members and four team vehicles deployed for four hours.

We would ask that people think carefully about the implications of releasing pyrotechnics or fireworks in remote places.