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If each operational team member raised just £100…………..

With team running costs of £40,000 per year team members are always on the lookout for imaginative ways to raise money for the charity. At a fundraising meeting earlier in the year a throw away remark that if each operational team member were to raise just £100 then […]

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Team search callout – For a missing bunny !!!

Pop into Amelia’s Chocolate Shop on Upper Victoria Rd through March, make a donation to the team, guess where the missing bunny is and have a chance to win a chocolate copy. Huge thanks to Amelia for making the team her charity of the month through March. […]

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Sainsburys local charity

We are delighted to be able to announce that we have been selected as Sainsburys Malton local charity for the next year. This is a fantastic boost for us in the run up to our 50th anniversary in 2015 and we are looking forward to being able […]

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