Buy us a minibus, boat and garage in 2015!


Formed as Scarborough and District Search and Rescue team on the 7th of July 1965 with 12 team members we are proud to be celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2015 with a membership of 74.

Through 2015, as well as being on call 24 x 7 we will be running all our usual events and especially for our half century we are resurrecting the famous (infamous) 53 mile Crosses Challenge on the weekend of 4th / 5th July.

The team is a charity and receives no direct funding, rather money is raised by team members through subscriptions, donations, sponsorship, fundraising events and collections. In recent years our running costs have been in the order of £35,000 per annum but for 2015 we are aiming for an additional:

£50k for 50 years in 2015

Why the increase?

Firstly 2015 is special for us and we believe this is an achievable target if we all get behind it, additionally:

  • In recently years we are pleased that our operational membership has increased significantly but it costs us in the order £1500 to provide each team member with waterproofs and personal protection equipment. Also with increased headcount we have also seen our training costs increase significantly.
  • Over the last 3 years we have seen a significant increase in callouts and now average in excess of one a week. This adds to increased use of team equipment meaning more frequent servicing and replacement and an increased turnover of consumables.
  • Due to the increased number of call outs on the Team and the nature of the search and rescues undertaken, there is a requirement for additional important equipment to execute these with a greater chance of a positive outcome.
  • Analysis of incidents over the last two or three years suggest that, increasingly, the team are involved in working near water, water margin searches and flood response. This is a national trend and not limited to our team. In order to operate in this environment safely and to qualify team members as Water Rescue Technicians costs in the order of £400 (renewable every three years) and around an additional £1000 each to equip them.

We continue to raise money for this expenditure through the generosity of our supporters but…..

  • To operate safely and effectively in and around water we need an inflatable boat, paddles, medical equipment suitable for working in this environment and a means of getting it all to an incident.
  • A full equipped inflatable boat with a capacity of six people retails at around £5000.
  • All this means we are need of an addition vehicle in our fleet (£60,000 to procure and fit out) and to extend our base to provide secure storage (£40,000 budgeted with significant ‘self help’ to remain in this budget). While we anticipate obtaining significant grant funding to achieve this we envisage ‘our contribution’ to be in order of £50,000.

Please help us fill the drink bottle with money to help us help our local community.

We will be updating the total throughout the year so keep coming back to see how we get on.

£50k for 50 years in 2015

Running total