The team reserve the right to change the route as a result of land permissions or weather conditions.  

From the 2015 event, detail under review for 2020.

Stage 1

Leave Goathland Village Hall (NZ 8309 0133) and turn left and follow the road to a gate on the left. Follow the disused railway to pass Incline Cottage, ignore path to Mallyan Spout, continue to the point where a bridle way crosses the track. Turn left and cross the foot bridge. Head left, uphill, on footpath then rejoin bridle way. Follow bridle way to pass Thackside Farm and arrive at road. Turn right and follow road to a signposted path on the left. Follow this bridle way across In Moor to reach Wheeldale Road ( Roman Road). Turn Left and after about 50m leave the road and follow the footpath on the right. This path eventually joins a stony track. Follow the track to reach Smith’s Lane, turn left and follow road to the checkpoint. Wintergill CP1 (NZ 7587 0137 – Cold Refreshments)

Stage 2

Leave Checkpoint and continue on the road to reach and follow bridle way, on the right, to Mountain Ash Farm. When you reach the road turn left and follow it to pass Yew Grange and reach a junction and checkpoint. Glaisdale CP2 (NZ 7421 0301 – Self Check)

 Stage 3

Take the road on the left to climb Caper Hill. At the top of the hill reach a junction, turn right and follow road for about  500m to reach a gated track on the left. Follow Cut Road (path) to pass Trough House and reach road. Cross the road and follow path for 250m to checkpoint. Botton Cross CP3 (NZ 6973 0198 – Self Check) Botton Cross

Stage 4

Leave checkpoint and retrace your steps to the road, turn right, follow road to reach a signposted path on the right. Follow path to reach road, turn right and follow road to pass White Cross, continue to carpark on  left and reach checkpoint. Ralph’s Cross CP4 (NZ 6770 0191 – Warm & Cold Refreshments)

Stage 5

Leave checkpoint and continue to road junction. Turn left and follow Blakey Road south to pass The Lion Inn. ( Busy road with fast traffic).  As you pass the inn look for Rosedale Railway South sign post on the left, follow path to a disused railway. Follow railway for 7km and stay on main track to reach checkpoint. Chimney Bank CP5 (SE 7206 9459 – Cold Refreshments)

Stage 6

Leave checkpoint and cross road to follow track, ensure that you leave the track and follow footpath on right to reach  Anna Cross. Head south from cross on footpath and rejoin track to continue to Lastingham.  As track enters village it becomes metalled road, at junction turn right and follow road round to head out of village to Appleton-le-Moors. Continue on road to reach checkpoint. Low Cross CP6 (SE 7342 8820 – Warm & Cold Refreshments ) Anna Cross

Stage 7

Leave checkpoint and follow Hamley Lane and Howdale Lane to Lower Askew and turn right at road junction. Follow this road to reach junction at Cropton Bridge. Turn left and follow Moor Lane north (busy road with fast traffic) to pass Black Park Lodge. Turn right at entrance to Forest Holidays, Cropton Cabins and follow this road. Before reaching  reception area turn left through gateway  and follow road going between two sheds. Road becomes a forestry track heading  in a northerly direction. At next track junction turn right at stone building and follow track to High Muffles. Then  head east to reach Rutmore Road and turn right and then left on to metalled road. At next junction turn left and head north on road, ignore junction on right to Raindale Head, continue to reach junction with Brown Howe Road. Turn right to reach checkpoint. Mauley Cross CP7 (SE 7959 9433 – Warm & Cold Refreshments ) Mawley Cross

Stage 8

Leave checkpoint and head along Brown Howe Road to pass Wardle Rigg. Continue to pass a metal gate and continue on bridle way, heading down hill to reach a stony track, turn left and follow track to Newtondale Halt on the NYM Railway. Turn right off track to reach a stile. Cross stile and go under bridge, turn left and follow path to a footbridge . Cross the bridge and head uphill to Hudson’s Cross. At the top follow indistinct path through the heather to reach a path heading in an easterly direction. Continue with escarpment on your right to eventually head uphill to cross three stiles to reach the A169. Head uphill on a bridle way that runs parallel with the road. (Busy road with fast traffic). Continue on bridle way to eventually cross the road to reach checkpoint at entrance to Old Wife’s Way. Saltergate CP8 (SE 8503 9410 – Warm & Cold Refreshments)

Stage 9

Leave checkpoint and follow track to reach gated entrance to a bridle way on the left after the trees. Follow the bridle way to reach checkpoint.  Malo Cross CP9 (SE 8666 9492 – Self Check )

Stage 10

Leave checkpoint and head north on bridle way to pass RAF Fylingdales and continue on stony track to next checkpoint. Lilla Cross CP10 (SE 8886 9867 – Warm & Cold Refreshments) Lilla Cross

Stage 11

Leave checkpoint and head north on a footpath to rejoin bridle way . Take care at point where bridle ways cross to continue on Robin Hood’s Bay Road (Path). Continue on bridle way to cross Thorn Key Wath and head towards Sneaton Corner. When you reach the road (B1416) turn right and head to the junction with the A171. Cross the A171 (busy road with fast traffic) and turn left. Head north (wide grass verge) to reach next checkpoint at the next road junction to Robin Hood’s Bay.  Postgate Cross CP 11 (NZ 9226 0454 – Warm & Cold Refreshments) Postgate Cross

Stage 12

Leave check point and cross A171 (take care) to reach entrance to bridle way. Leave bridle way and follow Landrover track to reach footpath, turn left and follow footpath to reach stile at B1416 road. Cross road (take care) to large wooden gate, go through and follow diverted footpath along wire fence to reach corner with wall. Continue on footpath with wall on right to eventually cross duck boards. Follow path to reach checkpoint. John Cross  CP12 (NZ 9002 0271 – Self Check) John's Cross

Stage 13

Leave checkpoint and head west on track and then footpath to reach field corner on left. Cross stile and stay left of ruined barn. Follow footpath to reach a minor road. Turn left and head down to a bridge. Cross bridge and head uphill on stony track to reach a gate. Continue on track to a junction , turn left and follow track, ignoring next right turn. Follow track to reach a path on right hand side. Follow this path on to Whinstone Ridge and next checkpoint. York Cross CP13 (NZ 8786 0152 – Warm & Cold Refreshments) York Cross

Stage 14

Leave checkpoint and follow track along Whinstone Ridge to join a bridle way. Continue in the same direction to reach A169. Cross road (busy road with fast traffic) and continue ahead on a track to reach a road. Turn left and head down the road to Goathland (signposted). After 1.2km turn right onto path heading down to Goathland railway station. Head out of station onto road heading west through the village, passing car parks on the right, to reach road junction. Turn right, and follow the road to reach Goathland Village Hall (NZ 8309 0133).

Well Done