Open evenings

Interested in joining the team as an operational or associate member or just interested in what the team does?

We hold a couple of open/recruitment evenings each year (normally in Autumn) where all are welcome to drop in.

The evenings start at 19:00 and run for a couple of hours, after which we normally retire to a local hostel for refreshments.

They take the form of:

A brief presentation and talk on:

  • The structure and history of the team and charity
  • Our role working on behalf of the local police forces.
  • Individual training, fundraising and public relations commitments.
  • An overview of recent incidents we have been called to.

Visitors are then given a tour of the base and stands demonstrating :

  • Specialist rescue equipment we deploy with.
  • Medical equipment carried in team vehicles and by team members.
  • Team vehicles.
  • Individual kit carried by team members.

Team members are available throughout the evening for questions.

Should you then wish to be considered for Operational membership we follow the evening up with a day on the hill and at the base with a view to:

  • Allowing you and us to get to know each other.
  • Assessing your navigation skills.
  • Discussing the equipment you will be expected to have when you start training with and acquire in your first year.
  • Spending hands on time with the team equipment
  • Completing various documentation required by the team and the Police Force.

Dates of the open evenings are published in the events section of the web site.