We had 57 incidents in 2014.

Rescue – 19th December 13:57 (57/2014)

Request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to provide specialist rescue equipment to assist with moving a male patient with suspected spinal injuries from the first floor of a property in Rushton with restricted access of a narrow staircase and two 90 degree turns.  The Yorkshire Ambulance Service HART team were on route but some two hours away.  We used our Multiple Injury Body Splint (MIBS) with spinal insert to move the gentleman and transfer to the ambulance. Ten team members were deployed for one and a half hours.

Search – 11th December 06:16 (56/2014)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to search for a 65 year old gentleman missing from home in Cayton near Scarborough.  The team, accompanied by team members from RAF Leeming Mountain Rescue Team, spent the day searching rural area and open ground in the area of Cayton and along tracks and paths he was known to frequent.  Having cleared all requested area with no trace of the gentleman the teams stood down at 18:58.  Fourteen of our team members were deployed through the day. We remain on standby should any further information become available.

Rescue advice – 7th December 15:35 (55/2014)

Call received from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, patient on a farm in Low Dalby suffering from chest pains. Response vehicle and paramedic on route with ETA 22 minutes but on the off chance did we have team members exercising in the area who could assist. After a brief discussion agreed that as we did not then they would be there before we could mobilise and travel to scene. As it was on a farm no need for troops to help evacuate. No further action taken

Rescue – 6th December 14:17 (54/2014)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist in the evacuation of a 13 year old male injured in woodland some 1/2 mile from the road on the outskirts of Beverley.  Fifteen team members attended delivering the youth to a waiting road ambulance.  Air Ambulance attended but not used.  Callout duration three hours.

Rescue – 30th November 12:01 (53/2014)

Request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to deploy to the area of Old Byland to assist in the rescue of a pregnant lady who had sustained an ankle injury while out walking.  Both Land Rover ambulances mobilised along with fourteen team members.  Stood down while on route as the ambulance service had managed to evacuate the casualty to the road.  The callout lasted for around one and a quarter hours.

Search – 28th November 01:31 (52/2014)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to search for a vulnerable 40 year old male missing from home in Ebberston and last seen early evening of the 27th.  Fifteen team members deployed to search tracks, paths, roadside verges and open ground around the village.  Having completed all area requested by the police the team stood down at 08:00.   The gentleman subsequently returned home safe and well around 10:30 that morning.

Search – 17th November 19:36 (51/2014)

Our duty incident controllers were called by North Yorkshire Police to mobilise the team to assist in the search for an elderly vulnerable male who had left home from York around midday and not been seen since.  While deploying we were subsequently contacted again by the police at 19:55 to advise that the gentleman had been found safe and well and thus our services were no longer required. advise that the gentleman had been found safe and well and thus our services were no longer required.

Rescue – 14th November 15:30 (50/2014)

Team called by Yorkshire Ambulance service to assist with the rescue of an 86 year old lady who had been dog walking with a companion on tracks approximately a third of a mile south of Aislaby near Whitby.  The lady had fallen and sustained an arm injury,  potential hip and leg injuries and was unable to walk.  A Yorkshire Ambulance Service crew were on scene but were unable to get their vehicle close to the incident nor safely carry her back to the road.  Upon arrival in the village a team 4 x 4 ambulance with team members was dispatched close to the find site, the lady then was lifted into a vacuum mattress/bell stretcher before been driven back to the road for transfer to the YAS ambulance and onward transfer to Scarborough Hospital.  Thirteen team members were involved for two and a half hours.

Rescue – 29th October 12:58 (49/2014)

Contacted by North Yorkshire Police regarding a male who had become stuck in the mud in fields at Harwood Dale in the area close to Low North Camp motorcross circuit.  North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were in attendance but requested our 4×4 assistance.  Whilst mobilising drivers and personnel the Police contacted us  and advised we were no longer required as the Fire and Rescue Service had freed the person. Three team members deployed for 20 minutes.

Search – 28th October 15:38 (48/2014)

While standing down from Incident 47 the team were called out by North Yorkshire Police to an incident in the area of Lastingham.  The report was of a couple and their six year old son walking in the area of Hutton le Hole, Lastingham, Appleton le Moor.  The lady has sustained a leg injury and the party were lost.  The team were mobilised but stood down on route after receiving a report that a farmer had safely evacuated the family to Hutton le Hole. Fourteen team members deployed for 30 minutes.

Rescue – 28th October 13:48 (47/2014)

Call taken from Yorkshire Ambulance Service asking us to assist with an incident at the West Ayton Caravan Club. An ambulance crew were on scene attending to a report of a 14 year old male with a suspected leg fracture. They had not located the casualty but directions from a family member indicated that the casualty was at least 15 minutes from the road. The team attended with one vehicle which was used to take the YAS crew to the incident site in Forge Valley, after treatment the team then evacuated the casualty back out of the valley, through woods and over a field to the county ambulance for onward transportation to hospital.  It would appear that the teenager had been swinging from the branch of a tree and had fallen to the ground sustaining the injury.  Despite obvious discomfort he remained in high spirits through the treatment and evacuation.  Thirteen team members deployed for just over one and three quarter hours.

Rescue – 12th October 17:15 (46/2014)

Team called out by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist in the rescue of a 76 year old female who had fallen down a steep embankment in the area of Husthwaite, North of Easingwold.  Upon arrival at the RV we were advised that evacuation had been successfully completed by the ambulance crew so the team returned to base and stood down.   Sixteen team members deployed for 2 hours 50 minutes.

Rescue – 28th September 11:45 (45/2014)

Team treated and evacuated a gentleman in the Spiers Bank House of Cropton Forest who had suffered a soft tissue injury to his back and who was in considerable pain.   Pain relief in the form of Entonox was self administered and the casualty was give anti emetic drugs before evacualtion on a stretcher to a waiting county ambulance.  Nineteen team members deployed for three hours.

Rescue – 14th September 18:14 (44/2014)

The team were called by North Yorkshire Police who had received a call from a mountain biker in Dalby Forest. The gentleman had his dog with him and both had become exhausted and could not continue. The dog, a two and a half year old German Shepard, was also reported as having an injury. We were informed that they were somewhere on the blue mountain bike route. Team vehicles were initially despatched to search the driveable sections of the blue route and a find was quickly made. The dog was assessed by a team member who is also a vet and the gentleman and his dog were then transported back to his car. The dog had only minor injuries that did not require an immediate visit to a vet.  Seventeen team members deployed for three hours.

Rescue – 14th September 16:25 (43/2014)

Whilst wrapping up from the incident on Levisham Moor (42/2014) the team received a further call for assistance from YAS to attend a multi agency incident at Wombleton where a small plane had reported a problem. The team were stood down on route when information was received that the plane had landed safely. Twelve team members deployed for one hour

Rescue – 14th September 15:30 (42/2014)

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of a walker who had collapsed on Levisham Moor. The team were stood down soon after arriving at the RV as the Great North Air Ambulance was in attendance and had managed to land close to the casualty. Eleven team members deployed for one hour.

Rescue – 7th September 11:34 (41/2014)

Sixteen team members deployed for just over an hour in support of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to recover a casualty with severe facial injuries in Dalby Forest.

Search – 5th September 06:29 (40/2014)

Supported by Swaledale MRT and RAF Leeming MRT the team were tasked to search for a missing elderly female last seen at 13:30 the previous day in the area of Strensall, York.  A potential sighting in the area Strensall Common allowed us to focus the search in that area through the morning.  During the early afternoon and as a result of improving weather we were joined by a National Police Air Service Helicopter from Tees Valley which spotted the lady close to the York Railway.  A team vehicle deployed to recover the lady who was remarkably well despite her experience, she was subsequently handed over to the Yorkshire Ambulance Service for evacuation and further checks.  Eleven team members deployed for almost 10 hours.

Standby – 4th September 06:30 (39/2014)

Along with Swaledale MRT we were called to take over from Cleveland MRT for a search for a missing walker in the Osmotherly area.  CMRT had been out overnight and the plan was that we were to take over the search at around 09:00.   As it happen the walker, who had become lost overnight found a route to safety once it had become light and the team were not needed.  The standby lasted for around three hours and involved three incident controllers and three drivers.

Search – 2nd September 14:20 (38/2014)

Called by North Yorkshire police to search in the area of Wykeham Forest and other local rural area for a vulnerable male reported missing from home from earlier in the day.  Twenty nine team members deployed and commenced the search when the gentleman returned home.

Search – 30th August 22:13 (37/2014)

The team were alerted by North Yorkshire Police that two walkers had become benighted and lost whilst walking the Lyke Wake Walk. The informant was one of the walkers, a 23 year old female, and her fellow walker was her father, 58. They had been walking the Lyke Wake Walk, having left Omotherby at 0700 on Saturday 30th August, but were not carrying any torches with them. The informant advised that her fathers phone had a flat battery and that her battery was failing. Subsequent attempt to telephone her failed.  During the initial conversation with the police they were able to advise that they were in a boggy place, all they could see was woods, and they were close to a sheepfold. Upon arrival at the RV it was apparent that the Police helicopter was airborne and based upon previous experience of such incidents we asked the helicopter to overfly Harwood Dale Forest and the missing couple were located on the north edge of Langdale Forest.  Team vehicles were deployed to recover the pair and after treatment for the effect of cold they were transported to the Raven Hall Hotel in Ravenscar and reunited with their support group. Seventeen team members deployed for four hours.

Rescue – 30th August 10:42 (36/2014)

Request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to assist with the evacuation of a male mountain biker with back injuries in the Hawdale Rigg area of Dalby Forest. Both YAS response vehicle and road ambulance in attendance with the team team first on scene. Great North Air Ambulance initially in attendance but final evacuation was via RAF Seaking to James Cook University Hospital.  Fourteen team members deployed for five hours.

Rescue – 23rd August 13:17 (35/2014)

The team were called by North Yorkshire police to assist a walker who was suffering from a groin injury and was unable to continue in the area of Egton Bridge. We contacted Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team as the location was in the area where our team boundaries meet and it was decided to pass the job to Cleveland who were likely to respond more quickly then we could.  A SRMRT member who was in the area responded and provided casualty care before CMRT arrived.  The injured person was transported to the roadside by CMRT and then taken home by a family member.  Three team members involved for approximately one hour.

Rescue – 16th August 15:24 (34/2014)

Call out by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with treatment and evacuation of an injured mountain biker reported has having a shoulder injury and difficulty breathing. The casualty was in the area of Worry Gill in Dalby, the Great Yorkshire, Forest and was walked out to a road ambulance for further treatment.  Fourteen team members attended and the job lasted for approximately one and a half hours.

Rescue – 13th August 18:45 (33/2014)

Call out to Dixon’s Hollow in Dalby Forest for an injured mountain biker. Upon arrival we determined that he had fallen between marker posts 7 and 8 on the red route. While heading that way we received further notice that he had recovered sufficiently to self rescue to the visitor center where he was assessed by Yorkshire Ambulance Service. Other than being winded, shaken and with minor abrasions to his leg he was fine and grateful for our attendance. Twenty three team members either attended or were on route to the incident which lasted for just over one hour.

Search – 6/7th August 22:31 (32/2014)

The team were alerted by North Yorkshire Police to a vulnerable person missing from home from one of the villages on the southern edge of the North York Moors.  At the time it was believed that the individual concerned may have taken their car into Dalby Forest.  The team were tasked to clear the roads and tracks through the forest which were accessible to vehicles.  Following this and with no sighting of the vehicle the team were stood down at 01:50 on the 7th returning to base ready for further tasking at 02:15.  Should further relevant information become available the team will redeploy.  Footnote: the gentleman was found safe and well later in the morning outside of the area we were asked to search.

Rescue – 2nd August 17:31 (31/2014)

Second call of the day to Dalby Forest to assist Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS).   This time to a 32 year old female who had come off a Segway ‘scooter’ on the tracks above Go Ape in Sneverdale and who had sustained leg injuries.  Sixteen team members responded with the first to arrive just as the response vehicle paramedic and road crew from YAS had evacuated the lady to their ambulance.

Rescue – 2nd August 11:40 (30/2014)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to assist in the treatment and evacuation of a 42 year old female who had fallen at the mountain bike park at Dixon’s Hollow in Dalby, The Great Yorkshire Forest. Attended with a YAS Response Vehicle paramedic and treated her for shoulder and suspected spinal injuries before evacuation by stretcher to a road ambulance for onward delivery to Scarborough Hospital. Thirteen (Fourteen if you count the Paramedic who coincidentally is also a team member) were deployed for almost two hours.

Rescue – 1st August 17:41 (29/2014)

The team were called out by North Yorkshire Police this evening to provide specialist rescue equipment in support of North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (NYFRS) in the rescue of four occupants of a car which had left the road at Satergate and fallen some 200ft down the hillside into the Hole of Horcum. The team stood down while on route as NYFRS had completed the rescue with their own equipment. Thirteen team members and one team ambulance deployed.

Search – 25th July 19:05 (28/2014)

The team were called by North Yorkshire Police to search for a 10 year old boy who had failed to return home in the Whitwell area and who and not been seen for three to four hours.   Six team members and team vehicles were on route while the rest of the team were being mobilised when we were advised that the boy had been found safe and well by a family member.  Stood down at 20:00.

Rescue – 14th July 20:33 (27/2014)

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS)  to reports of a mountain biker who had fallen some 30 foot from a path in Pickering Woods and who had sustained multiple injuries.  Local team members were quickly on site to assist a YAS Rapid Response Vehicle Paramedic treat the casualty before remaining team members arranged a stretcher evacuation through the woods to Yorkshire Air Ambulance G-CEMS and onward flight to hospital.   Twenty four team members were deployed for two hours and twenty minutes.

Rescue – 6th July 10:30 (26/2014)

Over a two hour period the five team members who were supporting Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association at the Tour de France treated two injured spectators.  The first presented with a cut hand the second with injuries sustained from falling over the handlebars of their bike.  Both left to continue watch the event after treatment.

Search – 6th July 08:30 (25/2014)

Ambulance control  and Police were both called by a female to state a girl she was walking with was injured in the vicinity of Grouse Hill Caravan site on the North York Moors. They reported their position as in a valley heading toward Fylingdales moor. The control rooms were unable capture the mobile number and the caller did not call back. Despite extensive search of all valleys and paths in the area by team search parties, a police general purpose dog and Cleveland police helicopter there was no trace of the persons. In the absence of any further information the team were stood down by North Yorkshire Police at 15:46 and vehicles were refuelled and back at base by 17:00. Twenty two team members were deployed for a duration of eight and a half hours. Footnote – following an appeal from NYP that evening the girl in question contacted them to say she had managed to get to help so a satisfactory conclusion to the search.

Search – 2nd July 20:09 (24/2014)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a 78 year old vulnerable female missing from home in the Grimston area of York since mid afternoon.  Twenty seven team members deployed and as we were arriving at the RV the police advised us that she had been found safe and well in York.  The callout lasted for two hours.

Rescue – 22nd June 14:35 (23 /2014)

Team called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of an injured motorcyclist in the area of Birch Hagg House, Gillamoor. The team were stood down soon after arriving on scene as the casualty was being evacuated by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Twenty four team members deployed for two hours.

Rescue – 22nd June 11:05 (22/2014)

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of an injured person in the vicinity of Baysdale Abbey. The call was passed to Cleveland MRT as the casualty was located in their area. Some of our team members were taking part in a joint training exercise with Cleveland MRT and they stood by to assist with the evacuation. The team was stood down once Cleveland had located the casualty as they had sufficient team members present to deal with the incident. Six team members involved for around two and a quarter hours.

Search – 18th June 17:59 (21/2014)

Team called out by North Yorkshire Police to search for an elderly vulnerable male who left Cayton Bay Holiday Park at approximately 16:00 for a walk and who had not returned.  We asked Scarborough Coastguard to help by searching the cliff paths while we searched the roads and fields surrounding the park.  The gentleman was subsequently found by a member of the public fit and well but in a confused state on a road leading into Scarborough and taken to Scarborough Hospital by ambulance for a check up.  Twenty six team members deployed for two and a half hours.

Rescue – 15th June 12:32 (20/2014)

Joint callout for the team, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  Report of a male student on a Duke of Edinburgh expedition feeling unwell and who had collapsed close to woodland to the west of Wrelton.  Initially his condition suggested that evacuation by air ambulance was not feasible so the team were on scene and preparing to carry out to the main road. After treatment at the find site he had recovered sufficiently to be walked to the helicopter for evacuation to a waiting road ambulance and onward transport to hospital with one of the scheme leaders for a check up .  Once the rest of the party had been accounted for the team stood down.  Thirteen team members involved for two and a half hours.

Search – 11th June 01:11 (19/2014)

Team called out to search for an overdue walker travelling between Hackness and the Hole of Horcum.  His plan had been to wild camp but to check in with his wife at periodic intervals by mobile phone. When he failed to check in his wife had contacted the police who in turn call us out.  Some six hours into the search we were notified that he was safe and well but had been out of mobile phone coverage.  This one turned out to be a well intended false alarm but reiterates the need not to rely on mobile phones.  Seventeen team members deployed for eight hours many of which whom stood down from the search and went straight into work.

Rescue – 5th June 20:00 (18/2014)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist in the rescue of a mountain biker with a lower leg injury in the area of Dixon’s Hollow in Dalby Forest.   Fifteen team members deployed for one and a half hours. We received this letter following the incident:

Please pass on our thanks for your and your colleagues at Mountain rescue help and assistance last night up at Dalby Young Joe spent night in Scarborough hospital and as the gash was deep they were doing an operation to ensure it is cleaned up and then stitched up Big thanks once again

Search – 26th May 07:00 (17/2014)

Twenty team members deployed to Brotherton, just North of Ferrybridge, to assist West Yorkshire Police in a search for a 42 year old female, long term missing from home in Ferrybridge.  The team were tasked to search arable land, woodlands, water margins, quarries and natural features in the area of Brotherton, Foxcliff and Byram just inside North Yorkshire.  Assisted by police officers from a West Yorkshire Operational Support Group and team members from Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Search and Rescue (YALSAR) we completed the requested search areas and the teams were stood down in the early evening.  The lady in question is still missing, details on her description can be found here. Should you have information please contact West Yorkshire Police.

Standby – 25th May 13:20 (16/2014)

Called by West Yorkshire Police with a request to deploy the following day to assist in the search for a 42 year old female, long term missing from home in Ferrybridge.  On duty Incident controllers spent an hour liaising with the local police Search Advisor (POLSA) on search areas, techniques and a suitable control location for the following day

Search – 15th May 15:37 (15/2014)

A member of the public alerted North Yorkshire Police to shouts for help in the wooded cliffs in front of Cornelian Drive Scarborough at around 13:30.  After initial searches by HM Coastguard, a Police Operational Support Group, general purpose Police search dogs and a RAF Sea King Helicopter the team were called to conduct searches in the wooded steep ground south of Knipe Point and along the Cleveland Way path.  After searching all requested area without result the team was stood down at approximately 19:45. In all 21 team members attended.

Rescue – 4th May 16:34 (14/2014)

Assistance requested by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist in the rescue of a gentleman reported with an ankle injury on the black cycle route in Dalby Forest.  Sixteen team members attended for one and a half hours.

Rescue – 4th May 14:45 (13/2014)

Called by North Yorkshire police for advice on the recovery of the body of a dog from the River Derwent just outside old Malton.  After attending and further discussion the decision was made to arrange for the recovery by boat from another agency.

Search – 3rd April 03:22 (12/2014)

The team were called to assist North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service to search for a male seen entering the River Ouse in central York in the early hours of the morning. Two bank teams were deployed to search the water margins of the river downstream of the center of York to Bishopthorpe just past the A64 bypass.   Having completed that search the team were asked to repeat the earlier search of the river edge through York upstream to the last know position of the missing person.   Sadly nothing was found and we were stood down as the Police regional underwater search team commenced a more detailed search in and under the river.  In all twelve team members were deployed for eight and a half hours.

Rescue – 23rd March 10:20 (11/2014)

The team were in Dalby Forest today providing medical cover to the first races of the 2014 Nutcracker Altura XC series. We were called by a course martial around 10:30 to treat and evacuate a teenage male who had fallen from his bike at the bottom of Worry Gill suffering arm and leg injuries. Initial concern for his condition meant we alerted Yorkshire Air Ambulance however after treatment his condition improved and he was evacuated by a Yorkshire Ambulance Service vehicle to Scarborough Hospital.  This incident involved ten team members for almost two hours.  Throughout the rest of the day we treated a few other competitors with minor cuts and bruises.

Rescue – 22rd March 13:58 (10/2014)

The team were alerted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to attend a 13 year old female who had fallen from a rope swing in the vicinity of Falling Foss reported as suffering head injuries.  As Cleveland MRT were in that area on one of their fundraising events we asked them to attend and the girl was was found very near to Midge Hall. After assessment she was walked out to the County Ambulance and then off to hospital for a check up. Two of our incident controllers were involved for 30 minutes.

Rescue – 8th March 13:30 (09/2014)

During our challenge walk, The Falcon Flyer, one competitor alerted our duty IC that she had injured her ankle and was unable to continue. The event sweepers were with her 10 minutes later and administered immediate casualty care while other team members where mobilised to recover her from the moor. The subsequent rescue involved a 2km carry off from Burn Howe the most remote point on the whole event and then evacuation by team Landrover ambulance. The casualty was in good spirits throughout. Seventeen members deployed from the challenge event for 2 hours 45 minutes and then returned to marshalling the walk for the rest of the day.

Search – 2nd March 06:45 (08/2014)

The team were called to assist Cleveland MRT who were searching for a missing 56 year old female in the area of East Harsley near Northallerton. We were asked to deploy to investigate a potential sighting near Cod Beck reservoir, Osmotherley.  While activating drivers and preparing our water assets we were advised that the lady had returned home safe and well.  Four team members mobilised for 25 minutes.

Rescue – 12th February 19:54 (07/2014)

A slightly unusual callout for the team tonight. We were called to a non injury RTC between a car and a fallen tree near our base. All the emergency services were extremely busy tonight so we provided traffic management to prevent any further incidents until one of our team members was able to put his chainsaw skills to good use and cut the tree up to clear the road. Six team members were out for just over an hour and a half.

Standby – 5th February 20:04 (06/2014)

Team placed on standby to assist Northumberland National Park MRT on Saturday 8th as part of a wider NESRA callout searching for a gentleman missing in the area of Chopwell, South West of Newcastle.  The team were subsequently stood down on the 6th following the discovery of a body by police divers.

Rescue – 31st January 14:00 (05/2014)

Having been stood down from this mornings search we were almost immediately called to assist with the treatment and evacuation of a member of Ravenscar Coastguard with a shoulder injury on the beach at Longhorn Wyke. After treatment on site he and one of our casualty carers were winched into a RAF Seaking for evacuation to Scarborough Hospital

Search – 31st January 08:45  (04/2014)

Called to assist North Yorkshire Police, HM Coastguard, the RNLI and a RAF Seaking search for an angler from Beverley after his car was discovered at Burniston North of Scarborough. The team was stood down early afternoon and at the time of writing the gentleman was still missing.

Search – 30th January 07:30  (03/2014)

The team were called to the area of Bempton Cliffs to search for a missing York resident after a positive sighting in Bempton.  Eighteen team members searched for some eight and a half hours and having searched the areas requested by North Yorkshire Police without a find we were stood down.

This time we were not needed – January

A couple of weeks ago we were approached by a consultant midwife residing to the west of the North York Moors with a client in Whitby. The ask was that if she was called for a home delivery during a period of adverse weather conditions would we arrange to escort her over the Pickering to Whitby Road. We are delighted to have received the following email today: Just to let you know baby Billy arrived in the early hrs today, all well & thankfully no snow to contend with! Thank you very much for your support & willingness to help out if needed. Kind Regards Debbie Congratulations to mum. Always living up to the reputation … and so much more than mountains.

Search – 17th January 10:00 (02/2014)

Ten team members and two vehicles deployed for 8 hours with Calder Valley SRT to continue the search for a missing 89 year old gentleman last seen 13th/14th January.  Extensive searches around Roundhay Park Leeds.

Standby – 16th January 19:00 (01/2014)

Team placed on standby to assist Calder Valley SRT with a search in the Roundhay Park area of Leeds for a missing 89 year old gentleman.