2015 incidents

Heatmap of the majority of our 2015 incidents. A small number are off the map.

2015 Incidents

This was the busiest year to date for the team in our 50 year history with a total of 80 incidents a total of 4073 VOLUNTEER hours.

Major incident 31st December (80/2015)

Team representation at the Tactical Coordination group meeting.  It was at this meeting we were formally stood down from the York flooding incident.

Major incident 30th December (79/2015)

Team representation at the Tactical Coordination group meeting.

Rescue 29th December 17:45 (78/2015)

At around 17:30 we started receiving press reports of a Major Incident in Tadcaster to the west of our patch where the bridge joining the two halves of the town was in partial collapse. Team were mobilised by Silver to deploy to the west of the town where our control was established at the John Smith brewery.  PenMaCRA who were standing down from the days tasking were retasked to the East of the town.  The concern was twofold; firstly the collapse had ruptured a gas main passing over the bridge and there was a subsequent risk of explosion.  Secondly concern over the rubble from the bridge damming the River Wharfe and causing flooding upstream in the low lying properties.  In the event there was minimum need to evacuate people and the team were stood down later in the evening.

Major Incident 29th December 08:00 (77/2015)

Flooding in York and Selby now in recovery work with teams from Peninsula Mountain and Cave Rescue Association (Devon and Cornwall) providing support for any tasking through the day.  We had one team member based in Silver as Mountain Rescue adviser and two team members delivering our control vehicle for PenMaCRA to use a their operational base.

Major incident 28th December 08:00 (76/2015)

Continued flood rescue work in the York and Selby area.  More details here. A thirteen and a half hour deployment.

Major Incident 26th December 20:29 (74/2015)(75/2015)

Team called to York in response to failure of the Foss Barrage. active deployment for the next 24 hours until relieved by a composite team from North Wales led by Ogwen Valley. More details here.

CXs-8HkWwAAQVj9Standby 26th December 11:48 (73/2015)

Water assets and response driver placed on regional standby to provide water rescue capability in support of our Dales colleagues.  In the event the flood was mainly restricted to the south of our area and we were stood down at 17:46

Rescue 25th December 03:38 (72/2015)

Team called out by Yorkshire Ambulance Service at 03:38 on Christmas Morning. Ambulance crew unable to reach a patient in a remote cottage in Rosedale due to ice road conditions. Two of our teams with our 4×4 ambulances deployed but stood down on route as the YAS crew had managed to get to the patient.

Standby 24th December 08:54 (71/2015)

Team water assets placed on standby over Christmas Day and Boxing Day by North Yorkshire Police as part of a wider contingency plan to provide flood rescue capability both in North Yorkshire and out of area in response to anticipated adverse weather conditions.

Search 22nd December 10:16 (70/2015)

The team were called out at 10:16 this morning by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable 52 year old male reported missing from Scarborough Hospital.
Supported by Cleveland MRT and a National Police Air Service (NPAS) Helicopter we conducted extensive searches of the hospital grounds and Raincliffe Woods and are pleased to report the gentleman was found safe and well this evening after reports of a potential sighting by a member of the public.

Search 19th December 08:00 (69/2015)

At the request of North Yorkshire Police nineteen team members along with a search party and SARDA dog from Cleveland MRT resumed the search for missing Scarborough resident Kieran Chapman today. Despite extending the search area and being on the hill for nine hours no trace was found of Kieren.   Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time. 

Search 5th December 07:30 (68/2015)

Continuation of search 66/2015 by searching paths and tracks leading out onto the open moors.  By mid afternoon we had completed the search of all area as requested by the POSLA and were stood down pending further information becoming available to the police.  In all, over the three days, we had 40 operation team members deployed on the search committing over 368 volunteer hours without result.  Our thoughts go out the the gentleman’s family and friends at this difficult time.

Search 4th December 07:30 (67/2015)

Day two or the search for a missing 38 year old male missing from home in Scarborough.  The search was expanded to cover arable land and watercourses in the area of Harwood Dale.  We were supported by RAF Leeming MRT for much of the day however at last light were stood down for a second day without a find.

Search 3rd December 07:23 (66/2015)

Team called out to search for a 38 year old male assumed missing from home after his car was found on a track on the edge of Harwood Dale Forest.  The team searched forested area, arable land and paths in the immediate vicinity of the car until last light and with nothing found were stood down until the following morning.

Standby 2nd December 21:23 (65/2015)

Duty incident controllers contacted by a Police Search Advisor with regard to a potentially missing person whose car had been discovered in unusual circumstances in the Harwood Dale.  We agreed that, subject to ongoing investigations, we would deploy the team to search at first light.

Search 14th November 06:30 (64/2015)

Fifteen team members deployed in continuance of search 61.  Sadly a body was discovered early in the morning and the team recovered a man’s body from near Cropton.  The team was deployed for five hours.  Our thoughts are with the gentleman’s family and friends at this difficult time.


Search 12th November 16:30 (63/2015)

To team members were deployed to act as navigators for Search And Rescue Dog Association and Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dogs handlers and dogs who had deployed into area to assist in the search for the gentleman lost on Lastingham Moor.

Search 12th November 07:45 (62/2015)

Continuation of incident 61.  Supported by Cleveland MRT and HMCG helicopter nine members spent ten and a quarter hours searching again without finding the gentleman in question.


Search 11th November 19:59 (61/2015)

Team called to search for a 73 year old gentleman who had been out on Lastingham Moor with a group exercising beagles but had become separated in fog and failing daylight and not returned to his car.  Twenty two team members deployed for eight and a half hours and having searched the areas agreed with the Police Search Advisor stood down until first light

Search 8th November 14:13 (60/2015)

We were called earlier this afternoon to assist Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team in the search for a 34 year old male reported missing from home yesterday evening whose car had been found this morning in Sandsend.
Some five and a half hours after we were tasked, and as a direct result of information we received from a member of the public, we were able to direct officers from North Yorkshire Police to the missing gentleman, who we are pleased to say is safe and well and receiving appropriate care.
We had fifteen team members deployed for seven hours and would particularly like to thank SARDA Search dog Ian from Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team who we tasked to search woodland as a result of reports of another potential sighting earlier in the day and the gamekeeper from Mulgrave Estate for providing vehicular access to Mulgrave Woods for us.
Great collaboration in appalling weather from: Ourselves, North Yorkshire Police, NPAS Tees Valley, Yorkshire Ambulance Service HMCG teams from Whitby and Staithes, the RNLI lifeboat and inshore Lifeboat from Whitby RNLI official, Cleveland MRT, Swaledale MRT, SARDA and all those members of the public who provided information to us.


Rescue 29th October 14:19 (59/2015)

The team were called out this afternoon to an injured male mountain biker at Dixon’s Hollow in Dalby Forest. 
Due to the mechanism of injury the decision was made to evacuate him by helicopter to hospital. 
Prevailing weather conditions meant the Air Ambulance was not available so a request was made to the Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC) for support from Rescue 912 from Humberside Airport. 
The initial plan was to land at Adderston field across the forest drive from the find site however the low cloud, mist and poor visibility meant that was unaccessible to the helicopter and we had to arrange evacuation to lower ground at Ebberston sports field where the transfer took place.
Twenty of the team were deployed for three hours of great collaboration between ourselves, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Bristow/HM Coastguard, ARCC, North Yorkshire Police and the Forestry Commission.

This message received the following day:

My sincere thanks to you all yesterday for rescuing my Husband. He has a long road to recovery but he is so grateful to u all xxx


Received 6th January 2016 – On Oct 29th, members of your team attended me along with the ambulance service at Dixons Hollow at Dalby Forest after a falling whilst riding on MTBs with my wife and children. The fall rendered me unconscious so I’m unaware of what happened post crash but I’m thankful to you all for assisting/leading the recovery, in particular, the airlift out by to HRI. Needless to say my two broken arms are healing slowly!!
Thanks again for the fantastic service you provide, not just to us bikers but the whole extended community as you’ve shown recently during the savage floods.

Rescue 5th October 12:36 (58/2015)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of a 75 year old gentleman who had fallen at the bottom of Mallyan Spout, Goathland.  From previous experience we requested HMCG helicopter should winching capability be needed but after assessment by YAS medics we collectively managed the evacuation to a road ambulance on foot and the helicopter was stood down.  Nine team members deployed for three hours.

Search 21st September 00:54 (57/2015)

Search for two females walking from Osmotherly to Ravenscar on the Lyke Wake Walk who were last seen at Eller Beck Bridge, the previous evening.  Since then they had become disorientated and subsequently called for help. Having spoken to the missing females on the phone we ascertained their whereabouts to be in the North West corner of Langdale Forest behind RAF Fylingdales.  The ladies were subsequently recovered, safe and well, by a vehicle from RAF Fylingdales and the team were stood down.  Six team members deployed for three hours.

Search 7th September 21:15 (56/2015)

Team tasked by North Yorkshire Police to search woodland in the Kikham Abbey area along with the banks of the Derwent for a vulnerable male  missing from home in the area. The gentleman was subsequently found safe and well at a property in Malton. Twenty two team members deployed for three and three quarter hours.

Rescue 6th September 15:41 (55/2015)

Alerted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a 32 year old male with a shoulder injury in the area of Low North Camp, Harwood Dale. Eighteen team members on route when we were stood down as the ambulance service had effected the evacuation without our assistance.  Incident duration one hour and twenty minutes.

Rescue 29th August 16:43 (54/2015)

Called to assist Yorkshire Ambulance Service with the recovery of a 72 year old lady with a lower leg injury on a moorland path in the vicinity of Goathland.  Sixteen team members deployed for just over two and a quarter hours. Sill Howe

Rescue 20th August 11:58 (53/2015)

Called to Bridestones on the North York Moors to a 42 year old male climber who had fallen 20 ft with reports of a broken heal.  Team members deployed to scene ,met up with a Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Rapid Response Vehicle and then arranged evacuation to Helimed 99 from the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  Team stood down and back at base around 14:30. Helimed 99 at Bridestones

Rescue 19th August 13:42 (52/2015)

Rescue of a forty eight year old female mountain biker who had sustained a head injury on the blue route in Dalby Forest.  The team were activated by Yorkshire Ambulance Service and after a brief search the  casualty was located along with a Yorkshire Ambulance Service Rapid Response Vehicle.  An offer of deployment of Helimed 99 was accepted and the lady was was evacuated one km by stretcher, then by team vehicle to a suitable helicopter landing site within the forest.  The patient was transferred to Heimed 99 for onward flight to definitive care at York District Hospital. The team were stood down and back at base at approximately 16:30. Twelve team members involved

Thank you very much to all at SRMRT from Yorkshire Ambulance Service

Received 6th January 2016

Hi Guys
I am the lady (called Liz) who you very kindly carried down the blue trail at Dalby Forest last August 19th, after my mountain bike accident left me with serious facial injuries. Recovery is slow and I still have operations to face, but I am remaining hopeful that these will be a success. I will always be immensely grateful to you all for the amazing job you do and the humour and banter that day that really helped. I just wanted to personally say a massive thank you and wish you all a very happy new year xx

Rescue 11th August 13:37 (51/2015)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist one of their crews with the evacuation of a 16 year old male mountain biker who had sustained a dislocated knee as a result of a fall on the red route in Dalby Forest some distance away from any driveable track.  Eleven team members deployed to the scene and arranged carry out to the waiting ambulance.  Duration of callout was approximately two hours. IMG_4344

Rescue 9th August 13:16 (50/2015)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a male mountain biker who had fallen from his bike in the area of Dixon’s Hollow in Dalby Forest.  The gentleman was assessed has having facial injuries and, consistent with the mechanism of injury,  was also treated for suspected spinal injuries. After the administration of pain relief and immobilisation in a vacuum mattress he was evacuated by team members to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance for onward flight to James Cook Hospital.  Eight team members deployed for two and a quarter hours.

Received 14th August – I’d just like to thank you so much for your assistance on Sunday. I’ve been discharged from hospital today with a back brace and spinal injuries. If it wasn’t for you guys I dread to think how long I could of been waiting for help. Greatly appreciate your help! Thank you

Rescue 8th August 12:42 (49/2015)

Yorkshire Ambulance Service  requested our assistance with female fallen with a wrist injury. Reported as 2 miles north of Levisham Station which was later clarified as east of Newtondale Halt. One team vehicle, which was in Dalby Forest, was tasked to the scene and a second vehicle was despatched from our team base.  Upon arrival the Yorkshire Air Ambulance also arrived on scene and the team was stood down.  Five team members deployed for around 40 minutes.

Search 26th July 08:00 (48/2015)

Continuation of search 46 in the Cropton area for a missing gentleman. Fourteen team members and North Yorkshire Police deployed for a further nine and a half hours.  Unfortunately mid afternoon a body, which was later identified as the missing person, was found in a small wooded area to the north of Cropton village. Our thoughts are with the gentleman’s family and friends. Control cropton

Rescue 25th July 16:36 (47/2015)

While responding to incident 46 we were tasked by North Yorkshire Police to attend an injured person on Rudland Rigg. We alerted Yorkshire Ambulance Service that we were responding en-route. The casualty had come off an off road motor bike on the track at about 30 mph and had sustained a fractured right collar bone, he had a suspected fractured right shoulder blade and had a soft tissue injury to his upper right thigh.  He casualty was assessed by our casualty carer who administered pain relief at which point the Yorkshire Air Ambulance arrived on scene and evacuated the casualty to James Cook Hospital.  Five team members attended for approximately one hour and then returned to the search in and around Cropton.

Search 25th July 15:34 (46/2015)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist with the search for an elderly gentleman missing from home in the Cropton area. Fourteen team members searched for just over nine hours and having completed the requested search area and with nothing found the team stood down at 00:15 to get some rest before resuming the search at 0900 on Sunday 26th July.

Standby 24th July 13:21 (45/2015)

Alerted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to an 82 year old male fallen on Roseberry Topping.  After speaking to the Alternate Response Desk at Wakefield and confirming that it was Roseberry Topping we advised them that this was in Cleveland MRT’s area and they should activate them. The two Incident Controllers stayed on stand-by until it was confirmed that Cleveland had been alerted and were responding to the incident.

Rescue 22nd July 16:40 (44/2015)

While attending Driffield Agricultural Show the team were alerted to a young female suffering prolonged and multiple seizures.  One of our team paramedics attended to provide immediate casualty care and  to stabilise the patients airway until able to hand over the the event doctor for further treatment and subsequent evacuation to definitive care.

Rescue 22nd July 12:23 (43/2015)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to attend a rescue of a mountain biker who had sustained a shoulder injury on forest tracks on the moors behind RAF Fylingdales.  Team were stood down on route has the gentleman had made his way to the road surrounding the facility and was being treated by RAF medic and ambulance crew.  Thirteen team members and one 4 x 4 ambulance deployed for 30 minutes.

Rescue 19th July 12:00 (42/2015)

While providing medical support to the Go Ego Challenge in Dalby Forest two of our team members had to treat a number of minor injuries sustained by the competitors.

Search 12th July 17:17 (41/2015)

Duty incident controller called by North Yorkshire Police for the team to assist in the search for a vulnerable male intent on self harm in the area of Danby.  While receiving details we were advised the missing person had been found.

Search 10th July 11:17 (40/2015)

Called out by North Yorkshire police to assist in the search for a vulnerable 56 year old female missing from home since the previous lunchtime in the area of Camblesforth (Selby).  The lady was found safe and well after reporting to a local hospital while we were deployed on searches around her last known position.  Twelve team members were deployed for five and a half hours. 2015-07-10 16.29.03

Search – 8th July 13:41 (39/2015)

The team were called out by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for missing children aged 9 and 12 from the Sherburn in Elmet area. Thankfully they were found safe and well as the team were mobilising. Team now stood down.

Standby – 5th July 17:43 (38/2015)

Team contacted for a regional standby to assist Teesdale and Weardale Search and Mountain Rescue Team with a request for availability of our Swift Water and Flood Rescue Technicians to assist with a search for a missing 14 year old boy in the River Wear at Witton Park in the Bishop Auckland area.  In the end teams more local to the scene joined the search and we were not activated.  Sadly it is reported the teenager was found late last night by Police divers. Our thoughts are with the family and all concerned at this time.

Rescue – 4th July 15:22 (37/2015)

Team called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service  to a 15 year old mountain biker in Dalby Forest with a suspected arm injury. Casualty location was reported as on a track close to marker post 26 on the red route. Deployed one of our team ambulances and an ambulance from Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team from the Crosses Challenge support duties. Five of our team and four  from Calder Valley attended. On arrival team members assisted the ambulance service crew with access to the find site. Initial access was hampered due to a motor sport event in Dalby which had closed many of the forest tracks.  We were deployed for around one hour

Search – 27th June 01:21 (36/2015)

While attending incident 35 of 2015 one of our vehicles was flagged down by a lady who had become separated from her party and was lost.  At the same time the local police advised us of a missing female in the vicinity of the concert at Adderstone Fields. We quickly determined that we were dealing with the same person and she was given a lift home to her residence in Whitby.   In all 14 team members deployed for one and a half hours on the two incidents.

Rescue – 26th June 23:28 (35/2015)

Initial call to Bickley Gate in Dalby Forest by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to attend a gentleman who had fallen 12 to 15 feet down an embankment.  Location subsequently corrected to Sware Dale. Upon arrival at the find site we found the casualty being recovered by a private ambulance service, contracted by Forest Enterprises for the concerts.

Rescue – 24th June 16:50 (34/2015)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the rescue of an elderly gentleman who has injured his knee some 1.5 miles form the road in the area of Kirk Hammerton.  While taking the details our duty incident controller was advised that the Yorkshire Air Ambulance had completed the evacuation.

Rescue – 21st June 13:05 (33/2015)

Tasked via SARCALL by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to attend a 32 year old female mountain biker who had fallen from her bike close to Givendale Head Farm and sustained shoulder, elbow and potential spinal injuries.  Treated at the scene by the team and subsequently handed over to the road crew for evacuation to definitive hospital care.  Seven team members involved for two hours.

Rescue – 12th June 10:50 (32/2015)

The team were just contacted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service asking the team to help with the evacuation of a mountain biker with an elbow injury in Dalby Forest. We were contacted as we were mobilising to say the person was now at the visitor centre and we were no longer required.

Search – 6th/7th June 21:11 (31/2015)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to the car park at the top of Blue Bank on the North York Moors south of Sleights where the car belonging to a vulnerable 43 year old female had been found earlier in the evening.   The lady had previously been reported missing by West Yorkshire Police.  Twenty one team members deployed and after an extensive search of the area the lady was found in a poorly and cold condition at a location overlooking the Esk Valley.   Team members treated her on location, excavated her to a team 4×4 ambulance before transfer over the moor to a Yorkshire Ambulance Service ambulance and thus to Hospital.  The team were deployed for nine hours.   West Yorkshire Police report can be found here.

Search – 6th June 19:16 (30/2015)

Callout by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a missing 7 year old child in Scarborough.  The team were tasked to search parks, green area and open spaces close to the place last seen.   As the team were deploying search parties the boy was found safe and well.  Team stood down at 20:24.

Search – 4th June 08:20 (29/2015)

The team retuned to the outskirts of York to continue the search from the previous evening.  Supported by a search dog and hander from Swaledale MRT, and search parties from Cleveland MRT and RAF Leeming MRT the search continued for a further eight hours before, unfortunately, a body was found by a search team from RAF Leeming.  After the police determined there were no suspicious circumstances the teams arranged recovery.   Our deepest sympathies go to the gentleman’s family and friends.

Search – 3rd June 21:09 (28/2015)

Called out by North Yorkshire Police to search for a missing 83 year old male had been part of a coach tour to Breezy Knees Nursery, Warthill, York. He had not returned to the coach, and was subsequently reported as missing.  The team spent seven and a half hours searching without result and were subsequently stood down in the early hours of the morning.  Twenty team members were deployed.

Rescue – 26th May 13:15 (27/2015)

While on a street collection in Scarborough team members received a request for help from a member of the public. An elderly gentleman had collapsed on the pavement outside Boots, it would appear he had tripped on the entrance steps and fallen forward, but had no injuries.  It was established he a pre existing medical condition which had brought on the fall, with this in mind team members helped him walk into Boots to a more private area where he could recover and later continue with his day.

Standby – 25th May 13:41 (26/2015)

Request from Cleveland MRT to provide additional cover for their area until 19:00 as they had low numbers available due to other commitments.   As it turned out we were not required.

Search – 23rd May 22:25 (25/2015)

Alerted to a pair of walkers attempting the Lyke Wake Walk who had contacted the police to say they had become lost and were stuck in a large bog on Fylingdales Moor.  Initial reports were that they were close to the A171. While the team were being mobilised the pair managed to recover themselves back to Eller Beck on the A169 Whitby to Pickering road and a waiting police vehicle.  Three team members involved for one and three quarter hours.

Rescue – 14th May 12:45 (24/2015)

Team assistance requested by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to facilitate the rescue of a 50 year old gentleman who had fallen into moving water above the Falling Foss waterfall and who was unable to recover himself.    Ten team members deployed, the gentleman was handed over to Yorkshire Ambulance service on scene at around 14:17.

Rescue – 9th May 12:20 (23/2015)

A team member was acting as event manager for a group of 150 clients and 12 Mountain Leaders on Snowdon. A Mountain Leader alerted him to a woman who had slipped. Initially thought to be one of the event clients but it turned out she wasn’t. Assessed to have a badly sprained right ankle and contacted Llanberis MRT to organise a helicopter evacuation. Ankle bandaged and the casualty self administered pain killers. The lady was provided with a group shelter until a helicopter arrived to evacuate her a short time later.

Search – 8th May 21:35 (22/2015)

Called by Cleveland MRT to assist in a search for overdue walkers who were lost but known to be on a road south of Lealholm.  Team subsequently contacted while mobilizing to say the the police had found the walkers wet but well.    Four team members involved for around 20 minutes.

Rescue – 1st May 12:00 (21/2015)

Team members attending a fundraising event at Raisethorpe Manor alerted to a gentleman with a minor head injury.  Assessed by a team member and mild analgesia offered after which the gentleman continued with the days activities.

Rescue – 27th April 15:25 (20/2015)

Called to a mountain biker in the area of Worry Gill in Dalby Forest with a suspected broken collar bone. Pain relief administered, injured arm immobilised and casualty evacuated to Adderstone Field for onward transport to Scarborough Hospital for definitive care.  Nine team members attended for around one hour.

Rescue(s) – 27th April 10:15 (19/2015)

While providing safety cover at the Nutcracker XC MTB race event we were presented with three casualties during the morning races.    At 10:15 attended a 13 year old male in the area of Worry Gill who had become separated from his bike sustaining a minor knee injury.  He was quickly reunited with his family who helped him back to the event car park.  While dealing with that incident we were called to a 13 year old female, Ruby,  who had fallen mid way down Medusa’s drop sustaining a lower leg injury.   Team members walked her down the course to a waiting team ambulance for evacuation to Adderstone field where we administered pain relief and treated her injury before handing her over to her parents.    To round the morning off a competitor presented to our control with grazes to his hip and back which we dressed for him. Thirteen team members involved for around two hours.  Pictures below show Ruby being guided down Medusa’s Drop by team members (thanks to her parents for letting us use the pictures).

 Search – 25th April 00:03 (18/2015)

We were called just after midnight by North Yorkshire Police to assist for the search for a 12 year old male reported missing in the area of Sherburn in Elmet. As the team were mobilising the police received reports of a sighting of the child which proved positive and the team were stood down.

Rescue – 18th April 14:18 (17/2015)

Yorkshire Ambulance Service contacted the team to attend an injured mountain biker at Dixon’s Hollow in Dalby Forest.  The gentleman had suffered lacerations to his arm from contact with the bike brake lever.  Sixteen team members attended and after dressing the wound he and his bike were evacuated to his car in one of the team ambulances.  The team were deployed for two hours.

Rescue – 7th April 16:15 (16/2015)

Duty incident controller contacted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Alternative Response Desk (ARD) with a request for the team to assist a crew with a rescue on the North York Moors.  After determining the exact location the incident was passed to Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team as it was actually well into their area and they had significantly faster response times to the location.

Rescue – 6th April 10:15 (15/2015)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of a 55 year old male suffering seizures at fishing lakes near Brandesburton.  The Air Ambulance had been tasked but unable to land due to fog in the area.   Fourteen team members were on route when we were stood down as a second ambulance road crew were now on scene and managed the rescue.  Duration of tasking around 30 minutes.

Rescue – 29th March 11:50 (14/2015)

Team called out by Yorkshire Ambulance service to an elderly gentleman who had become unwell on steep ground close to Darnholme, Goathland.   As we had a team out training we deployed them straight to the scene where they arranged safe evacuation to a waiting Yorkshire Air Ambulance for a brief flight to definitive medical care at Scarborough Hospital.  Nine team members deployed for two and a quarter hours.

Search – 16th March 01:35 (13/2015)

The team were called out by North Yorkshire Police at 01:35 this morning to assist in the search for a vulnerable teenage girl reported to have been sighted close to the A1(M) / A64 junction west of Tadcaster. We were tasked to search woodland, paths, tracks, external of buildings and verges close to the roads in question. Some ten team members deployed throughout the search and were joined a couple of hours into the search by ten team members from RAF Leeming MRT. Having cleared all the search area by 09:19, without result, the teams were stood down subject to further information becoming available.

Search – 20th February 21:19 (12/2015)

Request from Calder Valley Search and Rescue team to provide assistance in the Wetherby area to an ongoing search for a missing 84 year old lady reported missing earlier in the day.   Fifteen team members deployed for just over 4 hours until the search was stood down by West Yorkshire Police.

Search – 14th February 18:12 (11/2015)

Called out by North Yorkshire Police to search for two ladies who had called the police to report they were lost on a walk in the Goathland /Beck Hole area. Eleven team members were deploying as one of the incident controllers on scene determined the ladies position, collected them and returned them to their transport safe and well. Team deployed for around two hours.

Search – 4th February 10:09 (10/2015)

The team were called by North Yorkshire Police to search for a gentleman who was walking the Tabular Hills walk from Scarborough to Helmsley. He had been out of contact with his family since 0745 on Tuesday when he was in the Sawdon area and believed to be walking towards the Hole of Horcum. He was well equipped including a tent to allow him to camp along the way. The team were stood down soon after being called when the missing person made contact from the Levisham area where he had camped out on Tuesday night.

Rescue – 2nd February 18:24 (09/2015)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to deploy both 4×4 ambulances to drive the A171 Scarborough to Whitby road to assist and , if necessary, evacuate any vehicle occupants in difficulty as a result of snow, ice and blizzard conditions.  Ten team members deployed for just over an hour.

Rescue – 25th January 11:20 (08/2015)

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of a collapsed walker near Boon Hill, Fadmoor.  While deploying the team were advised by the ambulance service that the patient had subsequently passed away but that we were still required to assist with the evacuation. Seventeen team members were deployed for just over three hours.  Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased person.

Rescue – 18th January 17:30 (07/2015)

Team called by Yorkshire Ambulance service to a multi agency response to reports of a vehicle having left the A169 Picketing to Whitby road at Saltergate Bank / Hole of Horcum and that two persons were trapped in the vehicle where it had come to rest. While on route contacted by North Yorkshire Police to advise that all occupants of the car had been released and were safely back at the road side. Nineteen team members deployed for one hour. Poor road conditions and heavy falling snow.

Recovery – 16th January 14:16 (06/2015)

The team were called by North Yorkshire Police to facilitate the recovery of a deceased male from a steep wooded hillside to the south of Scarborough.  Team members attended the site and arranged a carry out to a waiting undertaker’s private ambulance.  Our thoughts and condolences are with the gentleman’s family.  Fourteen team members and one team vehicle deployed for two and three quarter hours.

Rescue – 15th January 11:30 (05/2015)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of a 60 year old female with head and knee injuries and some 20 minutes walk from the road/car park within Raincliffe Woods, Scarborough. The team were stood down while mobilising as the the ambulance crew had managed to get her to their vehicle.

Rescue – 9th January 20:19 (04/2015)

Two of our Incident controllers were called by North Yorkshire Police with a request for a crag team and rope equipment to help with the rescue of a vulnerable person stuck on Scarborough’s Valley Bridge.  Stood down within 15 minutes as the Police had managed to successfully rescue him.

Rescue – 2nd January 12:19 (03/2015)

Some nine minutes after been stood down from the earlier search the team were called to a lady walker in the Littlebeck area who had sustained an ankle injury and unable to walk.  Fourteen team members deployed, located the lady, applied pain relief, splinted the ankle, treated her for mild hypothermia and carried her by stretcher a considerable distance (some 50 minutes walking) to a waiting Yorkshire Ambulance Service vehicle where she was handed over the to crew for transport to definitive medical care.  The team were deployed for three hours.

‘Lady walker’ of incident at Littlebeck – 02 01 2015 – can not praise the team members of Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain rescue Team highly enough! You are all fantastic and thanks are sent from me and family. Kathy (broken ankle!)

Search – 2nd January 03:20 (02/2015)

Eighteen team members deployed by North Yorkshire Police to Pickering to search rural area, paths and woodland for a missing vulnerable 49 year old lady missing from home since around midnight on the 1st.  After a number of hours searching area close to her home and known favoured locations the search was widened and we were joined by fourteen team members from Cleveland MRT and a police NPAS helicopter.   The lady was found safe and well late morning and the team stood down at 12:00.

North Yorkshire Police – Thank you for your assistance Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team. The missing Pickering woman has been found safe and well.

Rescue – 1st January 12:50 (01/2015)

A member of the public alerted the team, who were providing safety cover at the Scarborough Lions New Year Day Dip, to an elderly lady unwell on the Scarborough South Bay foreshore. She was located, assessed by the Team Doctor, and then taken back to her hotel at Scarborough South Cliff in a team vehicle.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]