This was the busiest year to date for the team in our 51 year history with a total of 87 incidents.

Search – 30th December 13:20 – Bridlington  – 87/2016

Called to assist Humberside Police and Yorkshire Lowland Search and Rescue team in the search for a vulnerable person reported missing in the Bridlington area.  Subsequently contacted by the police before full deployment to say we could stand down.   Five team members deployed for just over one hour.

Search – 17th December 16:27 – Fylingdales Moor – 86/2016

Search callout to four trials bike riders who had contacted North Yorkshire Police to report themselves lost on the moors, running short on fuel and in darkness.  A team member responding to the callout found the party cold but uninjured near Sill Howe above Goathland and recovered them back to their cars in Pickering.  We expect they will be returning  to the moors in daylight to recover their bikes.  Fifteen team members deployed for just over two hours.

Search – 11th December 02:24 – Ruswarp – 85/2016

Called in the early hours of Sunday morning by North Yorkshire Police to search woodlands in the Whitby area for a vulnerable missing male.  The gentleman was subsequently founds safe and well by others outside of the search area and as a result the team were stood down just after 06:00.

Search – 4th November 11:14 – Eller Beck Bridge – 84/2016

We were called just before lunchtime by North Yorkshire Police who were concerned for the welfare of a gentleman in the area of Fen Moor on the North York Moors.  The man was subsequently located by a National Police Air Service Helicopter and guided off the moor by police officers and one of our search parties.  We are pleased to report that he was found safe but cold and is now receiving the appropriate care.


Search – 28th November 13:49 – Helmsley – 83/2016

The team were called by North Yorkshire Police with regards to a potential search in an area North of Helmsley.  After discussion with the police and informant it was determined that our assistance was not required.

Rescue – 19th November 12:51 – Pickering – 82/2016

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of an injured mountain biker from Newbridge Woods, Pickering. The 30 year old female was reported as having a shoulder injury following a fall of 12 feet. The team were already out on a training exercise and diverted to the scene.  We were deployed for just over one and a half hours before returning to the planned training.


Search – 13th November 10:36 – Wintringham – 81/2016

Called out by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable male missing from home from earlier in day.  As a result of a number of probable sightings we had four search parties, search dog Zee and a police general purpose search dog working on the high ground, wooded area and tracks to the south of the village when we were advised that the gentleman had returned home and was receiving appropriate care and treatment.  The team were stood down at around 15:00.

Search – 28th October 17:18 – Cropton Forest – 80/2016

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to reports of a 35 year old female who had passed out while walking through the forest.  The initial report was from her 8 year old daughter who had returned to Cropton Cabins to call for help, detail of the the ladies condition and location were not clear but forest rangers were driving the anticipated route.  Our duty incident controller established communications with the rangers via Cropton Cabins and established they were with the lady and our assistance was no longer required.  Team stood down.

Rescue – 22nd October 15:00 – Cropton Forest – 79/2016

A team vehicle responding to incident 78 was approached by a Duke of Edinburgh Award party for assistance as one of their group had hurt her foot and could not walk any further.  It was established that the girl had a pre-existing ailment, which flared up after a certain distance walked (she had exceeded that), so there was no cause for concern, and the party were  driven back to their directing staff at Wardle Rigg.

Rescue – 22nd October 13:53 – Cropton Forest – 78/2016

Activated by North Yorkshire Police to a 40 year old female who had suffered an epileptic seizure on a bridleway to the East of Cropton Forest between Newtondale Halt and Levisham Crossing.
Friends had kept her warm, and because of the location phoned the police and asked for mountain rescue.  On arrival the casualty had recovered enough to walk to the ambulance with the help of 2 team members.

Rescue – 12th October 16:04 – Levisham Elbow – 77/2016

Called by North Yorkshire Police to a lady who has sustained an ankle injury descending steep ground on the path into Levisham Elbow.  Ten team members attended to treat the injury and then carried the lady to the roadside where one of her walking party offered to drive her to A and E.  The team were deployed for two and a half hours.

A huge, huge thank you to you and all your team for rescuing Jenny from Levisham Moor. We went to A+E and the ankle was fractured in 3! places. Jenny spent three nights in hospital, pins and a plate were inserted in her ankle. She will be hopping around for 6 weeks. We can never thank you enough, Regards.


Search – 11th October 18:35 – Yearsley Moor Woods – 76/2016

Called by North Yorkshire Police to reports of a 74 year old male who had been walking a circular route in  the Easingwold / Ampleforth area and who had reported himself lost in Yearsley Moor Woods in failing light.  Initial attempts to SARLOC his phone failed due to the age and functionality of his mobile phone so the team initiated a full callout of twenty six  team members on foot and in team vehicles to search the woods.  The gentleman was subsequently found safe and well, debriefed by our incident controllers and returned to his waiting transport.   We wish to remind all people venturing out doors at this time of year take torches, spare batteries, a map and compass with them, especially important as the clocks go back at the end of this month.   Twenty six team members and three team vehicles deployed for three and a half hours.


Recovery – 11th October 08:17 – Beck Hole – 75/2016

Request from North Yorkshire Police to recover some personal effects from the site of incident 74/2016.  The recovery involved working on steep ground and at height hence the request to the team. A number of items were recovered and passed to the police.

Rescue – 9th October 13:15 – Beck Hole – 74/2016

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to the rescue of a gentleman who had fallen a significant distance on steep ground in the area of Beck Hole.  The team worked with Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the crews of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance to treat the gentleman on site and evacuate to one of the air ambulances for transfer to James Cook University Hospital.  We later learnt that the gentleman had succumbed to his injuries and died in hospital.  Our thoughts and sympathy go out to his family, friends and all those who were involved in the rescue.


Search – 2nd October 19:29 – Dalby Forest – 73/2016

Request from North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable male reported missing in Dalby Forest.  Team stood down while on route as the gentleman had been found and was been treated by Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Rescue – 24th September 18:37 – Goathland – 72/2016

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a 4o year old male who had fallen heavily on steep ground and sustained a suspect fractured pelvis.  Due to the nature of the find terrain the patient was initially treated on site and then evacuated up the steep ground using ropes before transfer by team team vehicle to the roadside and waiting ambulance.  Twenty one team members deployed for three and a half hours.

Rescue – 24th September 13:55 – Dalby – 71/2016

Called to Dalby activity centre to a 10 year old girl who had fallen from a rope walkway.  Advice from a witness was that she had suffered a brief period of unconsciousness although was now fully alert. Treated for potential spinal injury by the team and obs maintained until handed over to an ambulance service crew.

Received 27th September – Thanks to each one of you who came to the aid of one of our pupils who had fallen from the low ropes course at the Activity Centre. It was reassuring to receive attention from a group of highly professional volunteers. We felt most fortunate that you were there on hand.
After hospital investigation, the pupil was sent home with a clean bill of health, albeit with painkillers and a prescription of rest.

Rescue – 24th September 11:40 – Lockton – 70/2016

Team vehicle flagged down by a resident of Lockton. She was the owner of holiday cottages, one of her guests was believed to be suffering a cardiac issue, and she mistook us for an Ambulance Response vehicle.  Team members provided treatment until the ambulance service arrived on scene when we handed over the patient to their care.

Standby – 24th September 10:25 – Wykeham – 69/2016

Team put on standby by a Yorkshire Ambulance Service crew after reports of a 15 year old female patient, unconscious after falling from horse. Patient was evacuated by Helimed with no action required from the team.

Rescue – 18th September 17:19 – Ravenscar – (68/2016)

Alerted by Yorkshire Ambulance Services to an report of a cyclist that had lost consciousness 1 mile from the Raven Hall Hotel. We had eleven team members on route when the ambulance service contacted us to advise that one of their crews was now on scene and that they had easy access to the casualty so stood us down.

Rescue – 18th September 09:58 – Carlton in Cleveland – (67/2016)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to an injured mountain biker in Carlton Hall Woods.  Once we ascertained that this incident was in Cleveland MRT area the job was handed over to them

Rescue – 17th September 11:38 – Low Dalby – (66/2016)

Request to treat a mountain biker with a laceration to their lower leg.  Wound cleaned dressed and advice on further treatment provided.

Standby – 15th September 10:15 – North Ferriby – (65/2016)

Placed on standby to assist Yorkshire Lowland Search and Rescue in the search for a 59 year old male missing from home overnight.  The gentleman was found by a member of the public while resources were mobilising.

Rescue – 9th September 16:12 – Snainton – (64/2016)

Eighteen team members deployed almost on our doorstep to assist Yorkshire Ambulance service with the evacuation of a male horse rider who had fallen and injured their ankle.  The gentleman had been treated on site by the ambulance service so our involvement was limited to assisting in the carry out to their vehicle.

Rescue – 3rd September 09:45 – Ravenscar – (63/2016)

Evacuation of a 45 year old male who had sustained an ankle injury on the Process Challenge event.  The gentleman was recovered to the village hall by the team and then driven home by his partner.

Search – 30th August 22:52 – Keldy Cabins – (62/2016)

The team were called out last night to search for two male teenagers overdue from a bike ride in Cropton Forest. The two turned up safe and well as we were initiating a search of the local forest tracks.

Rescue – 29th August 15:55 – High Dalby – (61/2016)

Alerted by the Forestry Commission to a 15 year old female suffering a suspected asthma attack. Treated with oxygen and medication and after improvement in her condition evacuated to the family car at Adderstone Fields.

Rescue – 27th August 14:00 – Dixon’s Hollow – (60/2016)

Attended a nine year old male who had fallen from a mountain bike and who had suffered minor skin abrasions.

Rescue – 26th August 21:39 – Bickley Gate (59/2016)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a 20 year old male who had suffered an upper leg injury while night running in Dalby Forest. After locating the casualty we administered pain relief, slinted the injured limb and evacuated him to one of our vehicles before transfer to a YAS crew. Team deployed for two and three quarter hours.

Rescue – 21st August 16:20 – Adderstone Fields (58/2016)

While attending incident 57 a male mountain biker presented and reported that he had had a ‘serious’ crash on the black mountain bike route.   A full survey of his condition was carried out and other than  soreness of his ribs and some minor grazing and bruising no serious injuries were noted.   Following the check up and declining an offer of a lift back to his car the gentleman made his way off on his bike.

Rescue – 21st August 15:26 – Adderstone Fields (57/2016)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a female mountain biker who had fallen form her bike with a suspect broken wrist.  Treatment provided on site until a Yorkshire Ambulance service response vehicle and ambulance arrived on scene.

Rescue – 21st August 11:11 – Dalby Forest Visitor Centre (56/2016)

While fundraising in Dalby an adult male mountain biker presented to the team with a dislocated finger after applying pain relief the finger was reset and splinted with advice to attend to A and E to have it checked.

Civil aid – 20th August 18:35 – Snainton (55/2016)

Base facilities made available to North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Services who were fighting a fire in a neighbouring wood yard.

Rescue – 14th August 11:24 – Simon Howe (54/2016)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to reports of a 45 year old male who had fallen from a mountain bike on the North York Moors close to Simon Howe above Goathland and sustained chest injuries.  The Great North Air Ambulance was on route as were a response vehicle and ambulance.  We deployed to the car Park at Eller Beck and started to walk into the find site.  The rescue was completed by the crew of the air ambulance and bystanders just as we were arriving so after clearing the find site we stood down. Seventeen team members deployed for just over two hours.

DSC05673 copy

Rescue – 9th August 14:01 – Pickering (53/2016)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to a patient who had become unwell on steep ground above the North York Moors Railway just north of Pickering.  While speaking with the ambulance service our incidents controllers were advised that a YAS crew had made contact with the patient and brought them down to the roadside.  Incident open for around twenty minutes.


Rescue – 1st August 17:46 – Bridestones (52/2016)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance service at 17:46 1st of August to reports of a family walking in the area of The Bridestones above Dalby Forest. The gentleman in the party had sustained an ankle injury at The Tunnel and Cave Block, which necessitated a carry out by the team to a waiting Yorkshire Ambulance Service vehicle and onward evacuation to Scarborough Hospital.
The family were visiting the area and camping close to York so we also arranged transport back to the campsite for the rest of the party with a team member.  Nineteen team members deployed for two and three quarter hours.

Received 4th August – Thank you so much to you and the rest of your team who came out to help me at Bridestones when I injured my ankle on Monday.
A&E X-rayed my ankle, and fortunately it was only sprained (not broken). It’s improved quite a lot over the last couple of days, and I can hobble short distances now.
I’m sorry to have disturbed so many peoples evenings. I’m profoundly grateful for the help, kindness and patience shown to me by your team as you so skillfully carried me down. I don’t know how I’d have gotten down from there without your help.
Thanks too for so kindly giving my wife and daughters a lift back to the campsite, it was a great relief knowing they would get back safely. My words feel totally inadequate to express my gratitude for all that you and your team did.
My sincerest thanks to you all,


Search – 31st July 01:00 – Bickley Gate (51/2016)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable 25 year old female in Dalby Forest who had stated an intention to self harm.  The lady in question was found by one of our team members walking on the roadside while he was deploying to the RV and subsequently handed over to the medical services for further care.  Fourteen team members deployed for two and a half hours.

Rescue – 19th July 16:15 – Sneaton (50/2016)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist in the evacuation an unconscious 54 year old male from farmland above Sneaton.  After treatment in situ the gentleman recovered consciousness sufficiently to walk with assistance to the ambulance for transfer to definitive medical care.

Rescue – 17th July 18:42 – Forge Valley (49/2016)

While returning from Howsham Mill (Incident 48/2016) the team were called to Forge Valley, Scarborough to assist a 36 year old male who had fallen from mountain bike in Forge Valley and sustained a head injury.  Due to the mechanism of injury the gentleman was immobilised in a vacuum mattress and bell stretcher before a short carry to a waiting team ambulance which was used to evacuate  to a waiting Yorkshire Ambulance Service vehicle and transfer to Scarborough Hospital.

Received on Facebook 20th July – It was me who you rescued from Forge Valley. I owe you my life, as I found out at hospital. My injuries were more serious than first thought (broken neck c1&c2) your professionalism is the only reason I’m able to write this. So thank you very much and keep up the amazing work.

Rescue – 17th July 16:38 – Howsham Mill (48/2016)

Seventeen teem members deployed for just over two hours to assist with the evacuation of a 56 year old female who had slipped 15 ft down the river bank near Howsham Mill while out walking her dog.
She had sustained lower leg injury which necessitated evacuation by the team using our Bell Stretcher and a single rope system.


Medical assistance – 17th July 11:45 – Dalby Forest (47/2016)

Minor immediate casualty care to a number of competitors who presented during the No Ego challenge event in Dalby Forest.

Dalby CTF 2016

Medical assistance – 14th July 19:45 – Snainton (46/2016)

During a vehicle familiarisation session team members encountered an injured male adjacent to the Coachman Inn, Snainton. The gentleman had fallen and sustained injuries and was lying in the road.
Team members provided medical assistance until a Yorkshire Ambulance Service crew arrived. We also controlled traffic to ensure a safe scene.   Thank you to the members of the public were also assisting the casualty.

Incident 46/2016

Incident 46/2016

Rescue – 9th July 12:15 – Dalby Forest (45/2016)

Second callout in 30 minutes, this time 40 year old female fallen from a mountain bike on the red route close to Dixon’s Hollow.  Suspect dislocated elbow.

Rescue – 9th July 11:50 – Lockton (44/2016)

Callout by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a 38 year old male with an ankle injury in the area of Lockton above Pickering.  Gentleman evacuated to the road by team members and handed over to Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Search – 6th July 14:15 – Flamborough Head (43/2016)

Team tasked by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a 53 year old vulnerable male, missing from home from the Harrogate area.  His car had been found in the Flamborough Head car park in the early hours of the morning.   We were tasked to search areas of woodland, arable land and open area inland from the car park.   We had 21 team members deployed for 9 hours 15 minutes. After searching all our allocated area without finding the gentleman we were stood down.   He was found safe the following morning by Humberside police, is reunited with his family and receiving appropriate care.


Received 8th July : Amazing people, thank you so much to all that were involved in the search that took place on Flamborough Head, Paul is home with me where he belongs xxx

Search – 2nd July 13:28 – Danby High Moor (42/2016)

Contacted by phone by the  North Yorkshire Police Force Control to a search for a male who had fallen in a bog on Danby High Moor.  Once we confirmed the location it became evident that this was in Cleveland MRT area the tasking was handed over to them.

Rescue – 2nd July 12:02 – Trough House (41/2016)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a fallen mountain biker on the Trough House Track on the North York Moors.
The majority of the team were stood down while on route as the Air Ambulance had arrived on scene while a few team members remained until the aircraft had departed.

Rescue – 2nd July 11:48 – Castle Howard (40/2016)

Activated by Yorkshire Ambulance Service via SARcall to a 54 Year old male with unknown injuries at Castle Howard.
Seventeen team members were on route when we were notified that the gentleman had been evacuated by the ambulance service.
While on this job we were re-tasked to incident 41/2016.

Rescue – 29th June 10:18 – Kirkymoorside (39/2016)

The team were activated by Yorkshire Ambulance Service this morning to an incident in Kirkbymoorside to reports of a 44 year old male who had fallen 25-30 feet. We were subsequently stood down some 20 minutes later while still deploying as our services were no longer required.

Assist – 25th June 14:15 – Langdale End (38/2016)

While deployed on a planned exercise team members witnessed a low speed RTC involving a motor cycle with pillion passenger.  it was a low speed with driver and passenger (both male) losing balance at approx. 15 mph and falling off. A team vehicle was used to protect the scene from on-coming vehicles while casualties were assessed by a team doctor.  There were no injuries and no intervention needed.

Search – 25th June 00:43 – Scarborough (37/2016)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a 34 year old male reported missing from home in Scarborough since 22:00 the previous evening.  The team were tasked with searching Peasholm Park, Peasholm Glen and the adjoining Dean Road Cemeteries.  As we arrived at the RV with the Police Search Adviser (POLSA) we were advised by the Police control room that the gentleman had returned home safe and well so the team were stood down.

Search – 12th June 03:17 – Scarborough (36/2016)

Called by North Yorkshire Police over concerns for a missing vulnerable missing person suffering from dementia. They were reported as last seen at 23:45 in the Crown Spa Hotel Scarborough.  The team searched all the gardens towards the Spa and as far as the Holbeck Hotel along with Valley Gardens and areas around the Rotunda Museum.   The missing person was subsequently found safe and well outside our search areas.  Fourteen team members deployed for five and a half hours.


Rescue – 7th June 14:36 – Over Silton (35/2016)

Our duty Incident Controller was called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a fallen 39 year old patient with possible spinal injury in the area of Over Silton near Osmotherly.  As this was firmly in Cleveland MRT area the job was transferred to them.

Rescue – 5th June 16:48 – Dalby Forest (34/2016)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance service to a female mountain biker who had fallen on the red route in Dalby Forest. A team member driving to the incident found the lady who was walking out to the visitor centre and gave treatment for  fractured finger until arrival of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service.

Rescue – 3rd June 12:45 – Scarborough (33/2016)

During a Scarborough town centre street collection we were asked by a member of the public to give first aid to man who was laid on the ground and bleeding in a bus shelter. A friend that was sat with him in the shelter, had witnessed his collapse and was able to control his fall to the ground . He disturbed a wound on the back of his head leading to minor bleeding that had stopped.  Team members remained with him until the Ambulance service arrived and took over the treatment.

Search – 30th May 16:22 – York (32/2016)

North Yorkshire Police asked us to assist in the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of high risk missing person.  The team were requested to search the Tang Hall area of York.  Tragically a body was discovered and subsequently recovered by the team.   Our thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased person.  We had sixteen team members deployed for six and a half hours.

Search – 29th/30th May 23:59 – Gillamoor (31/2016)

Contacted by North Yorkshire Police with concerns for a high risk missing from home 90yrs female from Gillamoor.
She had left home at around 3pm to go for a walk to Douthwaite and left a note describing her route and not returned.
Initial searches of the grounds around the property were undertaken and wider searches were being planned when we received reports that she had been found approximately 1.5 k away from the house by a member of the public.
The team sent a doctor to the find site to treat the casualty while the team organised extraction and transportation to awaiting ambulance. The casualty was then transported by YAS to Scarborough Hospital.
While setting for the search one of our doctors also treated a police dog handler for a suspected sprained/broken right ankle. The dog handler was recovered to her home address by her husband. Thirteen team members deployed for five hours.

Search – 28th May 16:32 – Silpho (30/2016)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to a report of a male shouting for help in the area of Silpho. The informant was interviewed by the team and indicated the area of concern. This area was searched with good coverage with no find being made. The team was stood down and the call was put down as false alarm with good intent. We had 10 team members deployed for an hour and a half.

Rescue – 25th May 11:04 – Adderstone Fields (29/2016)

Team called out by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a male mountain biker in Dalby Forest with a lower leg injury. Patient carried to road ambulance and then the Yorkshire Air Ambulance for transport to definitive medical care.
We were deployed for a couple of hours.

Rescue – 15th May 09:45 – Dalby Forest (26, 27, 28/2016)

Day two supporting the Nutcracker series of Mountain Bike events.  Today we treated: a number of  minor injuries and three potentially more serious patients with a suspect sprained ankle, a lacerated knee and shortage of breath.  All went on their way following treatment.

Rescue – 14th May 13:05 – Dalby Forest (24 and 25 /2016)

Day one of providing medical cover to the Nutcracker Mountain Bike event. Treated two significant injuries:  Male biker with facial injuries and 13 year old female with a leg injury.  Both left us as to continue the day after treatment.

Recovery – 3rd May 14:34 – Harwood Dale (23/2016)

Due to the remote location and terrain our assistance was requested from North Yorkshire Police in the recovery of fatality in the area of Harwood Dale.  We had eleven team members deployed for three hours.

Rescue – 1st May 16:04 – Low Dalby (22/2016)

Team alerted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a child who had fallen some 2.5 metre in an adventure play park in Dalby Forest and complaining of back pain.  The team had conducted a primary survey and treated for hypothermia when an ambulance service response vehicle arrived on scene.  We handled over the patient and remained on site until an ambulance arrived.  Five team members and one team ambulance deployed for two hours.

Search – 27th April 00:48 – Thornton Bridge (21/2016)

Team called out by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable 64 year old male whose car had been found at Thornton Bridge.  Accompanied by team members from Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association we searched the backs of the River Swale, woodland and open ground.  Sadly a body was found and recovered around 08:00.  The thoughts of the team are with the gentleman’s family and friends.  We had 23 team members deployed for just over 10 hours.

Rescue – 23rd April 14:45 – Mallyan Spout (20/2016)

Alerted by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a female reported to have fallen close to the Mallyan Spout Waterfall, Goathland.  Initial reports were that a rock had fallen on her leg and query spinal and leg injuries.  She was located by the team approximately 100 metres from the bottom of the path from the Mallyan Spout Hotel. After initial treatment on site we carried the casualty up the steep path back to the hotel and transferred her to the waiting air ambulance for evacuation to hospital. We had thirteen team members deployed for three and a quarter hours.


Medical cover – 17th April 14:00 – Adderstone Field (19/2016)

While providing medical support to the Nutcracker mountain bike event in Dalby forest we treated two teenage competitors with foreign objects (dirt) in their eyes and an adult competitor with a minor rib injury.

Search – 16th April 21:41 – Blakey Ridge (18/2016)

Ourselves and Cleveland MRT were alerted by North Yorkshire Police and Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a party of two male walkers on the Lyke Wake Walk, one of whom had become exhausted. The pair were not completely sure of their location in the dark and wintery conditions.  The teams were assisted by the Coastguard helicopter from Humberside. The helicopter crew located the walkers at around 2200 hrs and evacuated the party to safety and a check up.  We had twenty one team members deployed for two hours twenty minutes,  Cleveland MRT has similar numbers.

Search – 14th April 04:30 – Sledmere (17/2016)

We were called out by Humberside police to assist in the search for a vulnerable 19 year old male missing from home and last seen the previous evening in the area of Sir Tatton Sykes’s Monument south of Sledmere on the Yorkshire Wolds.  Thirteen team members deployed including team search dog Zee along with two Humberside Police dog handlers with their dogs. The young lad was found safe and well by one of the search parties and after initial assessment taken to definitive medical care by staff from Yorkshire Ambulance service. Out thanks to the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Lowland Search and Rescue Teams who both had staff on route to assist with the search.  We were deployed for eight hours.

Rescue – 10th April 13:08 – Hole of Horcum (16/2016)

Deployed by North Yorkshire Police to a 62 year old female with an ankle injury and unable to stand/walk.  Due to the remoteness of the location hill parties were deployed from both Saltergate car park and Limpsey Gate Lane, Levisham.  The lady was found just upstream from the confluence of Dundale Griff and Levisham Beck and, after initial treatment, was evacuated to the waiting Air Ambulance on nearby flat ground. The team were stood down at 15:17.

Recovery – 3rd April 19:12 – Hayburn Wyke (15/2016)

Request from North Yorkshire Police to assist in the recovery of the body of a deceased male from steep ground in Hayburn Wyke woods. Sixteen team members and one team vehicle attended to carry the gentleman to a waiting undertakers vehicle close to the Hayburn Wyke Hotel.   Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends.

Rescue – 3rd April 13:32 – Scamridge (14/2016)

Team called along with Yorkshire Air Ambulance and an ambulance service response vehicle to a mountain biker with suspect broken collar bone in Dalby Forest. Stood down while mobilising as Yorkshire Ambulance Control had been notified that the detail had been completed without our assistance.

Rescue(s) – 2nd April 14:48 – Goldsborough (12/2016) then Farndale (13/2016)

Our duty Incident Controllers were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a walker on the Cleveland Way close to Goldsborough with a suspect broken ankle. That location is well within the Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team area so the job was handed to them which was well timed as we were then re tasked to the other end of the North York Moors in Farndale for another rescue with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. Report of an elderly female walker with shortness of breath and chest pains. We issued a general team call out and dispatched both our 4 x 4 ambulances but by chance we also had one of our incident controllers in the area who ensured the casualty was safely evacuated to a waiting ambulance and the team and the air ambulance were subsequently stood down.


Rescue – 30th March 11:54 – Kilburn (11/2016)

The team received a request for assistance late morning from Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
We were asked to arrange the evacuation of a 67 year old female casualty with a broken leg from steep wooded ground above the White Horse at Kilburn to a waiting helicopter on the plateau at the Yorkshire Gliding Club.
We were assisted by our friends from Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team (it was technically in their patch) and members of the the North East Search and Rescue Association (NESRA) Advanced Casualty Care course which was training in the area.
We had 11 team members and one ambulance deployed for two and a half hours.


Search – 26th March 08:00 – Pocklington (10/2016)

Team called by Humberside Police via Yorkshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team to assist in the search for an 80 year old vulnerable male who had been missing from home for 24 hours.
The gentleman was located in the garden of a property close to his own home having been outside all night. He was transferred to York hospital by ambulance after being treated for hypothermia on scene by team members.  Eighty four volunteer hours.

Search – 8th March 03:24 – Boroughbridge (09/2016)

Called by North Yorkshire Police along with Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association to assist in the search into the disappearance of a 76 yr old female with age related issues missing from her care home in Boroughbridge.  We were also assisted by SARDA search dog Andy from Cave Rescue Organisation and search dog Ian from Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team.  The lady in question was discovered cold but otherwise safe and well in a local cement works when the site was opened for the morning.  After a check up by the team doctor from UWFRA she was taken to definitive medical care by Yorkshire Ambulance Service.  ‘So much more than mountains………..’


Rescue – 24th February 11:45 – Scarborough (08/2016)

During a police incident at Peasholm Lake in Scarborough one of the team swiftwater and floodwater rescue technicians was in the area and offered his services to carry out a wading rescue to recover a body from the lake.  Following a discussion with a team incident controllers and emergency services on scene and after assessing the risks it was agreed that the team member could assist with the recovery, this was completed without incident.  Our sympathy goes out to the victims family

Rescue – 14th February 19:25 – Goathland (07/2016)

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to a road traffic collision in the area of New Wath Farm, Goathland. The report was of a car that had gone down an embankment and overturned. On arrival at the RV we were informed that the occupant of the car had been found and was in the care of YAS. The team were then stood down.  Twelve team members and two team vehicles deployed for two hours.

New Wath

Search – 9th February 18:36 – Keldy Forest (06/2016)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to initiate a search in Keldy Forest for a 35 year old male and his 5 year old son lost in the area.  While our duty Incident Controller was taking details the police were advised that the two had turned up safe and well.


Search – 3rd February 09:39 – Selby (05/2016)

Called by North Yorkshire Police to search for a vulnerable male missing from home in the Selby Area.  Augmented by Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team we searched all rural area and water features as requested by the police and were stood down at 18:00 with a request to potentially deploy the following day.  We were subsequently advised that the gentleman returned home at 19:00 that evening safe and well if a little cold.  Eleven operational members from the team and a search dog were deployed for ten hours.


Standby – 30th January 20:13 – Saltburn (o4/2016)

Team placed on standby to assist Cleveland MRT in the search for a vulnerable male missing from home in the Saltburn area.  To compound the issue Clevland MRT had also received a callout to Runswick Bay.  In the end we were not needed for either incident.

Rescue – 19th January 13:05 – Dalby Forest (03/2016)

Called out by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a report of a 13 year old male mountain biker with a leg injury on the ‘red’ mountain bike route in Dalby Forest.   A YAS response vehicle was on route but doubts over a road ambulance attending due to the road conditions, Yorkshire Air Ambulance was also on route.  In evacuating the patient team members carried him a few hundred metres through the forest, transferred him to one of our 4 x 4 ambulances and transit to the waiting road ambulance and onward to hospital.  Fourteen team members deployed for two hours.

Rescue Dalby

Rescue – 17th January 13:48 – Wheeldale Moor (02/2016)

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) to attend a Road Traffic Collision (RTC) on the Wheeldale Road.   Snow and ice had made the road almost impassible to 2 wheel dive vehicles and we were asked to provide 4 x 4 assistance.  During the incident North Yorkshire Police further requested we transport a couple of their traffic officers to the scene.  While on route we were advised that YAS had arrived on scene and that only minor injuries had been sustained.  Police officers transferred to one of their own 4 x 4 vehicles and our team stood down.  Six team members and one vehicle deployed for one and three quarter hours.

Road Closed

Rescue – 4th January 20:59 – Whitby Area (01/2016)

Request from North Yorkshire Police for our water rescue assets to deploy to the Whitby area to assist with response to flash flooding in the Whitby area.  Two 4×4 vehicles, a swift water and flood rescue team and incident controllers deployed to Whitby.  We provided safety cover and reporting of impacted area etc until the high tide had passed when stood down by the police.  Total deployment just over 5 hours.  Thank you to Cleveland MRT and Swale MRT who offered us assets.

Vehicle on route to Whitby for Incident 01/2016)

Vehicle on route to Whitby for Incident 01/2016)