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Standby – 29th December – 05:00 – York Area – 77/2017

Two crews consisting of response drivers, medics and team members deployed to York for twelve hours in support of Yorkshire Ambulance Service during adverse weather conditions.

Standby – 28th December – 17:00 – Yorkshire Ambulance Service – 76/2017

At the request of Yorkshire Ambulance Service twenty five team members volunteered to provide medical and 4 x 4 cover to augment the ambulance service in anticipation of heavy snow over the next 24 hours.

Standby – 28th December – 09:17 – Sandsend – 75/2017

Placed on standby to support Cleveland MRT in the search for a gentleman missing from home.  Advised later in the morning that the gentleman had been found safe and well before we were deployed.   Twenty four team members were prepared to attend.

Search – 26th December – 04:07 – Barton-Le-Street – 74/2017

Search callout at 04:07 Boxing Day – missing walker in the Malton area. Located by North Yorkshire Police while the team were mobilising.

Recovery – 10th December – 13:25 – York – 73/2017

Along with Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Team the team were called to a location in York by North Yorkshire Police to recover a fatality.  In the event the task was completed by the Police Dive team.

Tidal inundation – 8th December – 17:00 – Whitby and Scarborough – 72/2017

For the second time in 12 hours we were back at Whitby and Scarborough for the evening high tide. This deployment saw assets searching the sea wall from the Spa to Upgang Ravine in Whitby after reports of wave dodgers being in the area. Nothing was found so maybe a well intended false alarm BUT we must warn people of the power and danger of rough water and to stay away from the sea walls while these adverse conditions remain.

Rescue – 8th December – 15:57 – Fadmoor – 71/2017

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with a patient who needed extrication from a house following some recent trauma. The tasking saw us using our Multiple Injury Body Splint (MIBS) to carry the patient down the stairs of the property. A MIBS is normally used in confined space rescue and was the most suitable stretcher for this job.

Tidal inundation – 8th December – 04:45  – Whitby and Scarborough – 70/2017

The team deployed assets to both Whitby and Scarborough in the early hours of the  morning as part of the incident plan for tidal overtopping and potential flooding. Thankfully the high tide passed without issue.

Emergency Planning Meeting – 7th December – 11:30 – Scarborough – 69/2017

Team representation at the multi agency planning for the anticipated tidal surges

Rescue – 2nd December – 11:00 – Dalby Forest – 68/2017

During vehicle driver training, the Team was approached by the driver of a Ford Transit van requesting assistance. The van was stuck in snow in the Wolrd Cup car park, with huskies in the back.  Two team members in one of our 4 x 4 ambulances towed the vehicle back to the Forest Drive.

Rescue – 30th November – 16:32 – Yearsley Moor – 66/2017

The team were called to reports of a child missing in Yearsley Woods with a suggestion that they may have fallen into the lake.  Thankfully the child was found safe and well while we were on route.

Standby – 29th November – 18:00 – Adverse weather – 65/2017

The team were placed on standby by Yorkshire Ambulance Service in response to the predicted overnight snow.   Shift system established until further notice with our incident controllers, response drivers and casualty carers.

Search – 26th November – 17:03 – Filey – 64/2017

Request from North Yorkshire Police for assistance with a search for 80 year old vulnerable missing person in the area of Primrose Valley. The gentleman not been seen since 12:30 hrs that day and was located by Police officers while the team were on route to scene.

Rescue – 26th November – 13:26 – Forge Valley – 63/2017

Deployed to assist Yorkshire Ambulance Service with the evacuation of a patient from steep terrain within Forge Valley woods.

Rescue – 15th November – 17:09 – Saltergate – 62/2017

Called to a 24 year old male cragfast 80-100 foot up a rock face to the west of Saltergate.  Upon arrival on scene we determined the gentleman had managed to self rescue with assistance of other members of his party and the team were stood down. Seventeen members deployed for just over one hour.

Search – 23rd October – 09:18 – Ganton – 61/2017

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a vulnerable male on the north slopes of the Yorkshire Wolds. Stood down while mobilising as the Police had subsequently found the gentleman.

Search – 21st October – 07:30 – Selby – 60/2017

Search for a missing 30 year old male in the Selby area. Twenty four team members along with nine from Holme Valley MRT conducted land and water based search unfortunately with no result.


Standby – 20th October – 15:30 – Selby -59/2017

Request from North Yorkshire Police to assist in a search for a missing 30 year old male in the Selby area. If activated we were to deploy the following morning.  The time was spent preparing equipment and developing a search plan.

Rescue – 14th October – 16:53 – Helmsley – 58/2017

The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist with the evacuation of a male with a fractured ankle. After establishing the location it was determined that the casualty was in Cleveland MRT’s area so the job was handed over to them.

Rescue – 7th October – 12:50 – Levisham Elbow – 57/2017

Evacuation of a lady who had sustained a suspect calf strain on the Forest and Moors challenge event.

Search – 27th September – 03:27 – High Hawsker – 56/2017

Search for a 17 year old male, missing in vicinity of the old railway line between Hawsker and Robin Hoods Bay.  While deploying the team were advised that the gentleman had been found safe and was receiving appropriate treatment

Rescue – 17th September – 08:00 – Great Broughton – 55/2017

Medical cover for the Ard Moors cycle event where we treated a number of  minor injuries

Search – 15th September – 19:41 – Selby – 54/2017

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in the search for a lady reported missing from home whose car had been found near woodland to the west of Selby. We were stood down while mobilising as the lady had been found.

Search – 13th September – 15:40 – Scalby Mills – 53/2017

Along with HM Coastguard the team were tasked by North Yorkshire Police to search for a 24 year old male missing from home in Scarborough.  We deployed three hill parties, a vehicle bound search party and a swift water rescue team to search areas around Scalby Mills and along the old Scarborough to Whitby railway line.  All searches were completed without result and the team were stood down at 20:27.   Sadly North Yorkshire Police report that body of a man in his twenties was found at an address in Scarborough yesterday on Thursday 14 September 2017.

Rescue – 7th September – 13:02 – New Wath Scar – 52/2017

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to reports of a 73 year old female who had sustained an ankle injury in the vicinity of New Wath Scar, Goathland. Team members attended with crews from the ambulance service and in light of the potential difficult and uncomfortable carry out assistance was requested from the HMCG Helicopter from Humberside who winched the casualty out of the find site and flew her to hospital.

Rescue – 2nd September – 10:15 – Ravenscar  – 51/2017

Attended a female competitor who had taken a fall on the Hardmoors Princess challenge and sustained a head injury and grazing to an arm and leg. She was evacuated to the race control and then, as precautionary measure, taken by ambulance to Scarborough for a full check up.

Rescue – 1st September – 17:59 – Reasty Bank – 50/2017

As reported by North Yorkshire Police Roads Policin Group –

We dealt with an RTC in a slightly unusual place earlier today. The driver was being assisted by his wife on this byway when their vehicle jolted suddenly the side hitting her as she stood next to it.
She was airlifted to Scarborough hospital and sustained minor injuries.
Thanks to Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team for their help.


Rescue – 27th August – 15:02 – Sutton Bank – 49/2017

Call to an injured mountain biker in the vicinity of Sutton Bank.  Tasking handed to Cleveland MRT as it was in their area.

Recovery – 12th August – 11.15 – Scarborough – 48/2017

Asked by North Yorkshire Police to assist with the recovery of a fatality on steep ground in Scarborough.   As we were already deployed with Cleveland MRT on a search outside of our area we asked that a crew from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service deal with the situation.

Search – 12th August – 07:30 – Clay Bank – 47/2017

Along with Swaledale MRT and RAF Leeming MRT we were asked to assist Cleveland MRT on a prorated search for a gentleman missing in the area of Clay Bank.  Sadly a mans body was found during the search in Cleveland’s area.  Our thoughts are with the gentleman’s family and friends and those team members who made the find.

Rescue – 28th July – 12:38 – Darnholme – 46/2017

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a 70 year old female who had fallen and was subsequently having trouble walking on the moors in the Darnholme area.   The team located the lady, extracted her from the find site and delivered to a waiting ambulance service crew.   Ten team members deployed for around two and a half hours.

Search – 20th July – 18:00 – Bridlington – 45/2017

As part of the ongoing search for missing from home Russell Harrison the team were asked by Humberside Police to search wooded area around Bridlington. Twenty two team members, a search dog and three vehicles were deployed for around five hours.  All area were comprehensively searched without result and the team were subsequently stood down.  Police searches and investigations continue.


Rescue – 16th July – 11:40 – No Ego Challenge – 44/2017

Called to a male competitor on the No Ego Challenge in Dalby Forest who had fallen and sustained a shoulder injury.
He was treated on scene by the team and transported to Adderstone Field in one of our vehicles where he was handed over to Yorkshire Ambulance Service for onward transportation to Scarborough Hospital.



Rescue – 12 July – 13:37 – New Wath Scar, Goathland – 43/2017

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to reports of a patient in the area of New Wath Scar, Goathland with a potential broken ankle.  Team members and vehicles deployed to scene and at the same time Yorkshire Air Ambulance deployed a helicopter from Topcliffe.  It was quickly established that the patient would benefit from being winched from the find site rather than suffer a protracted carry out over broken ground and the HMCG helicopter Rescue 912 was tasked from Humberside Airport to assist the team with the evacuation.  The patient was treated by team members, successfully winched from the find site and flown to hospital.  Ten team members deployed for four hours.

Rescue – 6th July – 21:28 – Dalby Forest – 42/2017

Alerted to a Belgian couple in a VW camper van who had become stranded off made up tracks in Dalby Forest.  After establishing their position through SARLOC two team vehicles were deployed to the location and recovered the vehicle back to a track.


Rescue – 2nd July – 13:53 – Lastingham – 41/2017

Called by North Yorkshire Place to a 69 year old female walker reported as incapacitiated with abdominal pains on Spaunton Moor between Lastingham and Anna Cross. Fifteen team members deployed for around three hours to locate the lady and evacuate her to a waiting Yorkshire Ambulance Service crew.


Rescue – 22nd June – 14:50 – Burniston – 40/2017

Whilst returning to base on of our vehicles crewed by two team members came across a lady who had fallen from her horse on the main street in Burniston. A Yorkshire Ambulance Service Rapid Response Vehicle arrived at the same time and the paramedic asked the team members to stay until an ambulance arrived. Our vehicle was used to protect the scene. The team members assisted the YAS crew to get the lady into the ambulance and then returned to base.

Search – 21st June – 21:25 – Dalby Forest – 39/2017

A team member was called by one of the Dalby Forest rangers who was concerned that a cyclist was missing on the red mountain bike route. While the team were mobilising the ranger phoned back to say that the missing person had turned up.

Rescue – 18th June – 13:47 – High Hawsker – 38/2017

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a 79 year old female who had fallen on the cliff path at High Hawsker and sustained leg injuries. Team deployed but also advised that the local HMCG team might be able to get there quicker than us.  Stood down en route once HMCG accepted the tasking.

Rescue – 17th June – 15:38 – Dalby Forest – 37/2017

Deployed by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to reports of a male mountain biker who had fallen from his bike and had sustained facial, chest and potential spinal injury.   The gentleman had initially attempted to self rescue but wisely quickly called for help.   The team located the gentleman, provided initial casualty care and then evacuated him to a pre arranged rendezvous with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance for a flight to definitive medical care. Fourteen team members deployed for two and a half hours.

Search – 17th June – 03:56 – Lyke Wake Walk – 36/2107

Called by North Yorkshire Police to a solo walker reporting himself lost on the Lyke Wake Walk in woodland between the Pickering Road (Eller Beck) and the Whitby Scarborough Road (Jugger Howe).  After extensive searching and with the support of the National Police Air Service Helicopter from Wakefield the gentleman was found safe and well in Langdale Forest and recovered to the care of a police officer.  Nineteen team members deployed for just over seven hours.

Medical assistance – 11th and 12 June – Dalby Forest – 34 and 35/2017

Treatment of a number of minor injuries sustained during the Nutcracker Mountain Bike weekend

Rescue – 9th June – 12:18 – Haxby – 33/2017

Team members and vehicles deployed to assist a Yorkshire Ambulance Service crew and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service with the evacuation of a patient from arable land to the east of Haxby.

Rescue – 4th June – 15:27 – Duncombe Park – 32/2017

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance service to assist in the evacuation of a gentleman suffering from a dislocated knee in the grounds of Duncombe Park. Seventeen team members and two vehicles deployed for around two and a half hours.


Search – 15th May – 12:27 – Blakey Ridge – 31/2017

Two female walkers reported themselves lost in the area of Blakey Ridge to North Yorkshire Police.  Our duty incident controller established their position through contact with them on their mobile phones and talked the ladies back to a recognisable feature from which they walked back to their car.  Meanwhile we had a team vehicle and team members on standby should technology not help and we were to need ‘boots on the ground’ to complete the search.

Rescue – 11th May – 12:22 – Givendale Head – 30/2017

Called out to assist Yorkshire Ambulance service with a 40 year old male mountain biker fallen from his bike and was reported to be having difficulty breathing. A team member was on scene within 15 minutes and treated the gentleman for facial (front teeth and eye), elbow and left knee injuries caused when the casualty had gone over the handle bars of his bike. He was subsequently handed over to a YAS crew who took him to Scarborough Hospital.  Casualties colleagues and mountain bikes were transported back to Dixon’s Hollow by team vehicle.

Posted on our twitter account this evening :-
Stuck In The Mud MTB? @SITM_MTB
Big thanks to @scarrescue who helped us today when Joby had a little accident @Dalby_Forest. He’s been given the all clear by hospital! #mtb

Rescue – 10th May – 11:07 – Wintringham – 29/2017

Callout to assist Yorkshire Ambulance Service with the evacuation of an 80 year old male who had fallen in woodland close to Wintringham.  The team were stood down once our first vehicle and incident controller arrived on scene as the ambulance service had effected recovery to one of their vehicles.



Rescue – 7th May – 00:22 – Whitby – 28/2017

The team were called by North Yorkshire Police to assist Yorkshire Ambulance Service with the rescue of a female from a confined space below ground in the garden of a property in Whitby. A team member who lives nearby attended and determined that no further response by the team was required as North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service were in attendance with sufficient equipment and personnel to complete the rescue. Four team members involved for just under one hour.

Rescue – 4th May – 11:37 – Welburn – 27/2017

The team were tasked by Yorkshire Ambulance Service  to assist with the evacuation of an 82 year old unresponsive female from an area of woodland near Castle Howard. On arrival the lady was in the care of a YAS crew and was able to walk to one of our vehicles for evacuation to the road in Welburn where she was transferred to the YAS ambulance for transport to hospital.  Thirteen team members deployed for two hours.

Rescue – 28th April – 16:13 – New Wath Scar – 26/2017

While returning to base from incident 25/2017 we were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to reports of an unconscious 73 year old male in the area of Mallyan Spout/New Wath Scar.  Upon arrival on scene the gentleman had recovered sufficiently for us to walk him out to the road. Fourteen team members deployed for three hours.


Search – 28th April – 12:05 – Scarborough – 25/2017

Tasked by North Yorkshire Police to search for a vulnerable, high risk 27 year old female reported missing from home in Scarborough.  We were asked to search the area of Oliver’s Mount and Valley Gardens.   While we were deployed the lady was seen on CCTV in the town centre and subsequently found safe and well.

Search – 28th April – 00:41 – Eastfield – 24/2017

Called by North Yorkshire police over assistance in the search for a despondent male missing from home in the Eastfield area of Scarborough.  After discussion with the police it was determined that there was no intelligence to suggest the gentleman had headed into any green or rural area.  The team did not deploy.

Search – 22nd April – 20:58 – Burniston – 23/2017

Team callout by North Yorkshire Police at 20:58 this evening to four missing orienteering students overdue on a route between Ravenscar and Burniston. They all returned safe and well to their campsite while the team were deploying. Stood down at 21:29

Rescue – 12th April – 15:46 – Dixon’s Hollow – 22/2017

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a 77 year old male cyclist who had fallen in Dalby Forest with potential airway and cardiac issues.  Yorkshire Air Ambulance was also deployed and upon landing on scene determined that by the the gentleman’s condition had significantly improved from that which had initially been reported.  Evacuation was thus arranged by a land ambulance.  The team were stood down while on route. We had two team vehicles and 15 volunteers deployed.

Assistance – 12th April 09:00 – 21/2017

A number of our team members and one of our vehicles were out this morning with the family of the gentleman involved in one of the incidents earlier this year visiting the scene of the incident.

Search – 4th April 16:00 – Stamford Bridge – 20/2017

The team returned to Stamford Bridge to continue to search the area in and around the River Derwent.  Again unsuccessful and we were stood down once we had completed the search patterns and area requested by Humberside Police.   Twenty two team members deployed for six hours along with our two water rescue craft, search dog and bank teams.

Search – 3rd April 16:00 – Stamford Bridge – 19/2017

The team deployed to the River Derwent of Stamford Bridge in support of Humberside police and the regional police dive teams in the search for a missing 47 year old lady reported as entering the water at Stamford Bridge.

We had 22 team members deployed for seven hours searching the river banks, water margin and the river until being stood down by the police. We are on standby to return on the 4th to continue the search.

The following is a statement from Humberside Police:

We received a call yesterday afternoon reporting that a 47 year-old woman was missing. Our investigations lead us to believe that the woman entered the water at Stamford Bridge. The circumstance are not thought to be suspicious.

We are appealing for anyone who may have information that would help us with our enquiries to call us on the non-emergency number 101 quoting log 331 of 2/4/2017.

Rescue – 26th March 10:10 – Adderstone Fields – 18/2017

While on the safety cover for the Nutcracker Mountain Bike Series we were alerted to a 15 year old boy that had suffered a fall and an injury to his right wrist.  We deployed team members and vehicles to the reported location where we administered casualty care before evacuation back to the race control for assessment by a team doctor before his parents transported him to hospital.  Ten team members involved for around 30  minutes.

Rescue – 25th March 10:35 – Grosmont – 17/2017

Request from Yorkshire Ambulance Service to assist in the evacuation of a 76 year old female who has sustained injuries from a five metre fall down an embankment.  The team deployed eight team members and two vehicles for just over one hour.

Rescue – 19th March 13:32 – Dalby Forest – 16/2017

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to reports of a 35 year old male who had suffered a seizure and who had subsequently fallen down a bank.   The reporting person has no mobile coverage at the scene and had walked up hill to make the call.  While we were mobilising we were advised that the casualty had recovered sufficiently to self rescue and we were stood down.

Civil Aid – 10th March 13:00 – Scarborough – 15/2017

Routine teleconference to discuss standing emergency planning and team input should such plans be invoked.

Rescue – 5th March 14:50 – Hunmanby Gap – 14/2017

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to a casualty with a suspect fractured leg.  Stood down on route as the crew on scene had effected evacuation to their vehicle

Rescue – 4th March 15:25 – Cloughton Wyke – 13/2017

Called to rescue an 82 year old female with a lower leg injury from the cliff path at Cloughton Wyke.  Sixteen team members deployed for two hours.

Rescue – 10th February 21:14 – Blakey Ridge – 12/2017

Called by North Yorkshire Police – two of our 4 x 4 ambulances and crews deployed to assist passengers of a car stuck in ice and snow high on North York Moors National Park (picture @ryedalepolice via @minsterfm)



Search – 4th February 07:30 – Hawnby – 11/2017

Continuation of the search from earlier in the week.  Tragically a body fitting the description of the gentleman was discovered by one of the team.  We had twenty one team members deployed for twelve hours as part of the wider regional Mountain Rescue response to the search.  The following is a statement from North Yorkshire Police:

Some sad news, officers searching for missing Steven Mead, 53, reported missing earlier this week from Arden Hall near Hawnby, Thirsk/Helmsley, have found a body.
A member of a search and rescue team involved in the search found a man’s body in the River Rye on Snilesworth Moor at around lunchtime today (Saturday 4 February),  Steven’s family have been informed.
Our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues tonight.
Our thanks go to the volunteer search and rescue teams who helped with the search, to members of the public who offered help, and to everyone who shared our appeal for information.



Search – 1st February 13:59 – Hawnby – 10/2017

Request to assist Cleveland Mountain Rescue team in the ongoing search for a gentleman missing from home in the Hawnby area. Twenty two team members on standby for three and a half hours.

Rescue – 22nd January 13:00 – Allerthorpe – 09/2017

Call out to horse rider fallen from horse in woodland approximately 1/2 mile from the public highway at Allerthorpe.   Two team vehicles and fourteen volunteers on route when we were stood down as Yorkshire Ambulance Service had reached the scene and were dealing with the incident.


Search – 21st January 03:00 – Clay Bank – 08/2017

Placed on standby by Cleveland MRT who had been out overnight searching for a 40 year old male reported missing from home and whose car had been found earlier in Clay Bank car park above Stokesley.  The ask was that if the search ran into daylight that we, along with assets from Swaledale MRT, Teesdale and Weardale MRT and SARDA England, augment the search.  The team subsequently deployed three vehicles and twelve team members.

While we were deploying onto the moors with three search dogs and handlers the gentleman was found by a member of the public. Following treatment on site by the teams he was flown to hospital for further medical care by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

We all wish the gentleman a speedy recovery.


Search – 15th January 19:42 – Goathland – 07/2017

Search for an 86 year old resident who had left home earlier in the day to walk her dog, the dog subsequently returned home alone.  The lady was found close to her house on the edge of the moor by a North Yorkshire Police dog handler.  She had fallen, injured her arm and was suffering from hypothermia.  In light of the remoteness of the location and her condition she was transported to hospital in one of our ambulances.  Twenty one team members deployed for just over three hours.

Civil Aid – 13th January 21:30 – Whitby and Scarborough – 06/2017

Team deployment in support of the multiagency response to the high water and flood surge on the afternoon tide.  A full report of the incident can be found here.  Eighteen team members deployed for seven and a half hours.


Civil Aid – 12th/13th January 12:30 – Whitby and Scarborough – 05/2017

Team deployment in support of the multiagency response to the high tide and flood surge in the early hours of Friday morning.  A full report of the incident can be found here.  Seventeen team members deployed for eleven and a half hours.


Civil Aid – 12th January 08:30 – Scarborough – 03/2017 and 04/2017

Our tactical advisors participating in the Tactical Coordination Group leading the response to the anticipated tidal surge coinciding with the two high tides on the East Coast of Yorkshire on the 13th of January.

Search – 3rd/4th January 20:17 – Tom Smith’s Cross, Wass – 02/2017

The team deployed to woodlands in the vicinity of Tom Smith’s Cross, Wass with Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team, SARDA England dog handlers from Cleveland MRT, Swaledale MRT and Teesdale and Wearside Search and MRT along with North Yorkshire Police resources to search for a vulnerable male whose car had been found earlier in the area.

After an extensive search without a find the teams were stood down in the early hours of the morning of the 4th with a view to restarting the search in daylight or when more information became available.  The gentleman was subsequently found safe and well outside the search area at around 03:30.

We had 21 volunteers deployed for six and three quarter hours.

Rescue – 1st January 12:40 – Scarborough – 01/2017

While providing medical cover to the Scarborough Lions Charity New Year Dip we were alerted to one of the swimmers who had become unwell after the event. The teenager was nauseous and suffering from mild hypothermia.  He was warmed and treated in our ambulance until a member of his family arrived with transport to take him home.