We had 34 incidents in 2012.

Search – 31st December 12:18

Team deployed to assist Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team to search for a vulnerable 49 year old male missing overnight in the Flatts Lane area of Normanby, Teesside.  The gentleman was found safe and well by a Cleveland Police search team and evacuated to hospital for checks.  Eighteen team members attended.  Team stood down at 14:42.

Rescue – 21st December 08:22

Team called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service (ARD) at 08:22 this morning looking for 4 x 4 assistance in the area to evacuate a patent from home at Ruswarp (along the side of the River Esk). Advice given was that we would place our vehicles on standby but Whitby Coastguard were much closer and could likely provide assistance in a more timely manner than us.

Rescue – 8th December 15:00

While fundraising in Dalby forest the team were called out to attend a collapsed male mountain biker on one of the trails.
Despite heroic efforts by the members of the public who initially found him and further medical intervention by the team we were unable to revive the gentleman.
Our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends at this distressing time. Five team members attended and were stood down at 18:46.

Rescue – 5th December 14:30

Transfer of an elderly lady from her home in Goathland to a nursing home in Whitby. PTS vehicles unable to attend due to severe weather (snow). Five team members attended and stood down at 19:00.

Rescue – 5th November 13:10

Team called out just after 13:00 this afternoon to assist Yorkshire Ambulance Service with the rescue of a lady with a leg injury in woodland just north of Pickering. Ten team members and one of our 4×4 ambulances were on route when we were contacted by YAS to advise that the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and persons on site had recovered the casualty to the aircraft and YAA was on route to hospital. Team stood down at 13:40

Search – 4th November 18:20

At 1820 SRMRT received a further request from Swaledale MRT to assist in the search for the missing male.  This time, the search centred around Little Ribston, south of Knaresborough.  A specialist SARDA trailing dog (Boris, with handler Steve) from Bolton MRT had followed a scent to the area.  The combined MRTs carried out a detailed search of the surrounding area, but again with no positive result.  13 SRMRT members involved, stood down at 2345.

Search – 3rd November 14:05

Request received from Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team to assist with the search for a vulnerable male, in the area between Harrogate and Knaresborough.  Call received at 14:05.  19 SRMRT members involved, along with Swaledale MRT members, who were also joined by participants on the MREW National Party Leader course, being run in Catterick.  The search parties included members from across England and Wales (e.g. Ogwen Valley, Exmoor, Dartmoor) and members from Dublin and Wicklow, Eire (  Over 50 MRT members were involved in the search.  After extensive searches of open ground, including farmland and the golf course, the team was stood down at 2315.

Rescue – 31st October 14:20

Team’s assistance requested at 1420 by Yorkshire Ambulance Service with the rescue of a young male with possible hip injuries in Dalby Forest, following a fall from a mountain bike.  11 Team members responded and joined the YAS crew and Yorkshire Air Ambulance in the Worry Gill area of Dalby Forest.  Casualty was evacuated by YAS ambulance.  Team stood down at 1530.

Search – 23rd October 13:00

Team deployed for a joint search with Humberside and North Yorkshire Police Our assistance was requested this afternoon to look for a male in his mid 60s last see in the Dunnington area yesterday. His car was discovered in the area of Scampston Hall, Ryedale earlier today. After a couple of hours searching one of our search parties found the gentleman in woodland confused and cold but otherwise no worse for the experience. After initial checks by one of our casualty carers and a team doctor we evacuated him to a waiting Yorkshire Ambulance Service vehicle for transport to hospital for further checks. The team were stood down at 16:03, thirteen team members attended with seven more on route.

Rescue – 29th September 15:00

Male walker slipped on path above Thomason Foss Beck Hole. Lower leg injuries sustained, evacuation to Ambulance at Hill Farm by stretcher carry. Eleven team members attended stood down at 19:00

Rescue – 15th September 23:04

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to attend road traffic accident on the moor road between Hutton le Hole and Rosedale.  Car had left the road into a stream with persons trapped and leg injuries.   Upon arrival we found the local fire and rescue team on site and casualties recovered to the road.  We waited until all persons were accounted for and ambulance was on scene.  Team stood down at 00:14 on the 16th sixteen team members attending

Rescue – 6th September 00:45

Call from Yorkshire Ambulance Service  requesting assistance with a 20 year old male who had fallen approximately 30ft from a tree house in the woods at Staxton Brow. The young man was lucky in that appeared to have only injured a rib and was able to walk out from the woodland. The team were stood down shortly after the vehicle was mobilised.  Team stood down at 01:00 two team members attended

Rescue – 21st August 13:30

North Yorkshire Police called the team out at 13:30 this afternoon to a lady with lower leg injuries on the path between Littlebeck and Falling Foss on the North York Moors.The team deployed to the area, quickly sending team members to the find site where the lady was treated before being transferred to a team Bell Stretcher for evacuation. In light of the protracted carry required to reach a road we requested winch assistance by RAF Sea King helicopter.   Rescue 128 from RAF Leconfield arrived shortly after and following a difficult winch through the trees evacuated the injured party to Scarborough Hospital for further treatment.  Team members then return to their vehicles through a flash thunderstorm before driving her walking partner and dog to their car, collecting our stretcher from Scarborough Hospital and turning the vehicles around in preparation for the next shout (which if last week was anything to go by will not be long in coming!)  Team stood down at 17:04, ten team members attended.

Search – 18th August 05:00

The Team was called at 05.00 in the morning to assist in the search for two overdue “Lyke Wake Walkers” They had last been see at 20.30 the previous night (when the Team were training) at Eller beck Bridge on the A169 Whitby to Pickering road. Search parties covered the 8 miles between the A169 and Ravenscar Mast, and then looked further into Harwood Dale and North on Fylingdales Moor. The first missing person was found in Harwood Dale Forest, clearly disorientated. Search parties were tasked with extending the search in this area before it became apparent that his walking companion had got himself to Burniston. They abandoned their attempt at the 42 mile crossing of the North York Moors and the Team were stood down at 10. 55, fourteen team members attended.

Rescue -17th August 21:30

We had just finished an evenings training on casualty evacuation when we got a call from Ambulance Control to assist in the evacuation of a male near Beggars Bridge in Glaisdale. The male had sustained a leg injury following a near vertical fall of 7 plus metres. There was no option of using a helicopter here so we carried the casualty for approximately 700 m along a very narrow and slippery track to an awaiting ambulance. The injured person was lucky not to have suffered any greater injury and was soon on his way to hospital. Team stood down at 22:57 fifteen team members attended.

Feedback by email from the injured party – Being the evacuated male in this incident I would like to give my whole hearted thanks to you all. Your professionalism and expertise shone through getting me to safety without further injury. Keep up the good work and once again thank you all.

Rescue – 16th August 14:40

Called by North Yorkshire Police to assist with the rescue of a 64 year old male walker with an ankle injury at New Wath Scar, Goathland (within 100m of a similar incident last month!).  Yorkshire Ambulance Service were on site assisted by a ranger from the North York Moors National Park.  Rescue 128 Seaking from RAF Leconfield also on route.  The first team members arrived on site as winch man was lowered to the find site and assisted with movement of the casualty to flat ground and highline stabilisation of the winch man and stretcher into the aircraft before evacuation to Scarborough Hospital.  The gentleman’s wife was then recovered to their car at Pickering railway station.  Seven team members attended at the team was stood down at 15:56. Pictures on both our Facebook page  and the news section of our web site

 As the man rescued on 16 August 2012 I would like to thank the rescue team most sincerely for the marvellous assistance and support they provided to my wife and myself. Their skill and professionalism were of the highest order, and I count myself extremely fortunate to have been helped by such a marvellous group of people.

Search – 14th August 17:14

Called by North Yorkshire police to The Great Yorkshire Forest, Dalby.  A family of four enjoying a walk from their car at High Staindale had become disorientated in the forest but from a maker post believed that they were on Sneverdale Rigg.  Team vehicle with a crew of two were dispatched to the area where they subsequently found the party and returned them safe and well to their vehicle. Three team members attended and were stood down at 19:03.

We had been called earlier in the day to assist the Yorkshire Ambulance service with a rescue.  However it quickly materialised that the call was out of area and the call was quickly passed to the local team before any team activation.

Rescue – 7th August 19:00

Called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service to an injured 14 year old mountain biker with suspect back injury and who had been reported unconscious following a fall in Cropton Forest.  Helimed and road crew on route but had requested assistance from the team. Team stood down on route as helimed had arrived on scene and subsequently evacuated the casualty. Thirteen team members attended and were stood down at 19:31.

Search – 7th August 18:50

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team had been passed a call for a walker overdue at Chop Gate while walking the Coast to Coast from east to west. They were already deployed on a previous call in the area of Chop Gate and asked us for assistance to search the Eastern part of the route. The missing walker completed the section late but safe and well while we were taking the initial briefing

Rescue – 20th July 14:20

Team deployed to New Wath Scar, Goathland to extract a female walker with an ankle injury.  Yorkshire Ambulance Service, on site, had treated the casualty but had no way to recover her to the road.  Knowing the difficulty of rescue from that area we requested an RAF Sea King with the intention to winch the casualty from a clear area in the valley.  Our local helicopter from RAF Leconfield was already tasked so Rescue 131 from RAF Boulmer flew down to assist and after a short winch the lady was flown to James Cook Hospital.  Sixteen team members attended with the team stood down at 16:20.   We intend to visit the hospital to collect the stretcher and casualty bag early next week.   Pictures of the rescue can be seen on Facebook at this link.  An excellent example of multi agency working (YAS, RAF, SRMRT and North Yorkshire Police). Press coverage from the Whitby Gazette here.

Rescue – 12th July 15:05

Yorkshire Ambulance Service contacted the team to assist with the evacuation of a 68 year old male with a fractured lower leg from the Cleveland Way close to Robin Hoods Bay.  Eight team members were attending but were stood down on route at 16:30 as the casualty was evacuated by the air ambulance.

Search – 6th June

During a training evening at Cawthorn Roman Camps the team were approached by a police officer who was searching for a missing female, her 10 year old daughter and their dog.  They had started walking from Spiers House campsite approximately 3 hours earlier and had not returned.  Two team vehicles and 7 Team members were despatched to search the forest tracks, while the remaining Team members were put on standby, in case a wider search was required.  The missing persons returned to the campsite, safe and well, shortly before the Team vehicles arrived at Spiers House.

Rescue – 31st May 14:45

Called by NYP to rescue a walker with lower leg injuries from the Hole of Horcum – further detail provided here by David, the Find Site Manager on the day – Casualty with lower leg injuries airlifted from the Hole of Horcum after a successful rescue by Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team and Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The casualty was on a narrow path on a steep bank. After placing the casualty on our stretcher she was lowered down the bank using a rope system before being carried by team members to the waiting air ambulance. Look out for us on the next BBC series of Helicopter Heroes !!! Nine team members attended team stood down at 17:06

Rescue – 6th May 14:24

Request for assistance received from Yorkshire Ambulance Service control room to locate and evacuate a mountain biker reported with severe head injuries some two miles from the Dalby Visitor Centre in The Great Yorkshire Forest (Dalby).  Team mobilised along with YAS crew and air ambulance.  We were subsequently stood down when the YAS crew arrived on scene and reported that evacuation could be made with those already on scene.  Twelve team members attended, stood down at 14:55.

Search – 14th April 19:00

Team called by North Yorkshire Police (NYP) at 19:00 to assist in the search for a gentleman with two young children who had reported himself lost on the North York Moors from his mobile phone.  The police managed to determine he had visibility of RAF Fylingdales and the ages of the children before the phone either ran out of power or lost signal.   The team deployed with NYP, Helicopter 128 from RAF Leconfield and the Ministry of Defence Police from RAF Fylingdales.  The missing party were found safe and well by a MOD Police vehicle on the moors behind Fylingdales.  Team stood down at 20:16, fifteen team members in attendance.

Rescue – 4th April 10:00

Team called by North Yorkshire Police at 10:00 4th April to assist in the rescue of a trapped motorist on the Rosedale Abbey to Egton Bridge Road.  Both 4×4 ambulances deploying to scene from either end of the route, vehicle approaching from Egton with highways agency snow plough reached the vehicle and gentlemen after checking him out they escorted him and vehicle back to Egton bridge. Team stood down at 12:20. Five team members in attendance. Road remains closed.

Search – 30th March 23:00

Lyke Wake walkers overdue towards the Ravenscar end of the walk, found by a team member on route to the RV.  Team stood down 31st 00:18

Search – 23rd March 11:27

Team called by North Yorkshire Police to assist in a search of the rural area around Skelton (NW of York) for a 39 year old gentleman missing from home since 19:50 last night (22nd).  Information received later suggested that the gentleman in question has been located well out of our search area. Team stood down at 13:52.  Twelve team members attended.

Rescue – 17th March 13:45

A gentleman at the bottom of Jugger Beck valley, competing in our Falcon Flyer Challenge Walk  complaining of a soft tissue injury in his thigh. Oral pain relief was administered and after a short wait he was walked out of the valley to a waiting team vehicle to be extracted to the road where he was collected by a member of his family. Four team members involved over a one hour duration.

Search – 2nd March 15:49

The team were called out at 15:49 this evening by North Yorkshire Police to search for a gentleman missing from Scarborough Hospital Accident and Emergency department.  We were tasked to search the open areas, woodland and around public buildings in an area bound by a half kilometre radius centred on Scarborough Hospital.  Our colleagues from the Scarborough and Burniston Coastguard had previously searched similar area running towards the sea. We cleared our area by 20:54 and were stood down.  Twenty five team members attended. Police investigations are continuing, extract from the North Yorkshire Police.  The Gazette and Herald report the gentleman was found safe and well in York later that evening.

Search – 27th February 01:05

The team was called in the early hours of this morning by North Yorkshire Police to a search in the area of Scarborough Hospital for an 84 year old, vulnerable male reported missing from one of the hospital wards earlier in the night.  Three of our search parties were initially deployed for a detailed search of the hospital grounds.  Cleveland Police Force helicopter was tasked in assistance and shortly after arrival identified a potential find in the grounds of a neighbouring school.   One of our search parties and a police officer were guided to the location by the crew and positively identified the gentleman who appeared safe and well but suffering from the effects of cold.   The team carried him to a waiting Yorkshire Ambulance Service vehicle which took him to A&E for further checks.  Eleven team members in attendance, team stood down at 03:28 following a successful search. Link to Press coverage.

Search – 15th February 09:17

Team deployed in support of North Yorkshire Police on the second day of a search for a missing 19 year old male last seen close to Naburn Bridge, Bishopthorpe, York.  Provided Control unit, land search parties and bank support for Swaledale Mountain Rescue team, Swift Water Technicians and boat.  Other assets deployed – SARDA Search dog Richie, NYP search teams, WYP helicopter and WYP underwater search team.  Nine team members in attendance.  Search of areas complete at 16:35 with no result the teams were stood down.  It is expected that further searching will resume tomorrow.
Update from the 15th of March – A spokesman for North Yorkshire Police said:
“We can confirm that the body recovered from Naburn Marina on the River Ouse at just after 4pm on Wednesday 14 March 2012, is that of Jordan Sullivan.
“It is anticipated that the inquest into his death will be opened and adjourned on Tuesday 20 March 2012.
“Jordan’s family has asked the media to respect their privacy and not contact them at this extremely difficult time.”

Rescue – 3rd February 13:50

Rescue of mountain biker with lower leg injury from Langdale End area in collaboration with Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  Twelve team members in attendance, rescue complete at 17:23.

Recovery – 31st January  16:04

Team called on behalf of Yorkshire Air Ambulance for the extraction of a fatality from  a valley in Bransdale.  Twelve team members in attendance. The recovery was completed at 19:24 and the team stood down.