Who to call

Who to call – downloadable PDF

The simple safety tips below will reduce the chance of you becoming a statistic on our website or help us get to you quickly if you get into trouble


Learn basic life support
Know how to navigate
Prepare for the worst (even on a nice day, take waterproofs, torch and spare batteries, map, compass, spare clothing)
Understand the local weather and the immediate forecast
Leave details of your route and anticipated arrival time with a responsible person

To call a rescue team

Call 999 for ‘Police’ – Mobile calls may go to the wrong Police force so say which county you are in!
Ask the Police for Mountain Rescue
Say where you are (give description & grid reference)
Describe the problem (and answer any other questions)
Stay by the phone or where your mobile works (keeping the line clear so you can be called back. The rescue team will call other services as needed)

Reference material

Read the BMC leaflet New Hill Walkers.

Visit MRE&W publications for more reading on the topic or visit this link.

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