To add realism to our exercises it is always good to get non team members to ‘act’ as the casualty

Thus we were delighted when Danielle from one of our sponsors, Touchdown Offices offered to ”fall off…..” 

Here are a few lines from Danielle on her experience…

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Being a Casualty

SRMRT need willing volunteers to be able to carry out their training exercises, with this in mind, and the promise of lunch, I was more than happy to help.

I arrived at the base in Snainton at 07.20 on a cold Sunday morning and was greeted by Ian and Neil who were busy packing the vehicles.

We made our way to Bakers Warren above Wykeham, and the team were split into groups of 3 and there were 3 casualties for 3 different scenarios. I was then briefed on my ‘accident’. I had come off my mountain bike in the forest and had quite a serious injury to my thigh caused by the brake lever being stuck in it. I also had abdominal bruising and was struggling to breathe. The make-up for the injuries was very realistic!

Ian and I made our way over to the accident scene, I was ‘placed’ in the ditch with the mountain bike on top of me whilst I waited for the team to arrive. When they arrived they tried to reassure me, telling me they were there to help and trying to find out the extent of my injuries (there were also a few jokes about the kids’ bike I had been riding). As it was cold they were quick to put a cover over us whilst they assessed me. I told them how long I had been there and that that I was struggling to breathe, they could also see that the blood through my clothing and that there was blood around the wound. I was given oxygen and painkillers (pretend!) to make me more comfortable and also a neck brace as I had complained of pain.

The main thing was to get me out and to hospital as quickly as possible, which they did, I was all packed up ready to be stretchered off within about 10 minutes.

They all worked really well together as a team, all are very knowledgeable and remained calm whilst they tried to get me to safety.  The day was a really good insight into what the team do in real life emergency scenarios, and showed just what an invaluable service they provide to us all 365 days a year. Well done everyone, you are all heroes!