The Team has spent the last week continuing to prepare for the challenges everyone faces ahead. Our top priority has been protecting our volunteers, including a number of NHS and other key workers, and team members’ families, particularly the elderly and vulnerable. We have cut all our face-to-face activities to the minimum. We have stopped all training activities and wherever possible moved all our meetings to video or teleconferences. We have also introduced new operational procedures to minimise the risk of virus transmission to team members when responding to call outs.

And we are still fully operational – ready and prepared to help all those injured or in distress throughout our area. We want everyone to keep healthy in the outdoors, but don’t take any unnecessary risks with either accidents or infection. So stay within your limits and stay 2 metres apart! Enjoy the quiet wherever you find it.

But our operational costs don’t stop and we have had to halt all our core fundraising activities. This includes cancelling the Ravenscar Coastal Half Marathon, one of the team’s key fundraising events during the year. Our forward planning means we can stay operational for the time being, but the financial hit of this period to the team cannot be underestimated. We will need to work extremely hard from now and over the next year or more to ensure the team can continue to be operational and we can continue to maintain and grow our essential search and rescue capabilities. If you can spare some money in these challenging times you can help make sure we will always be there when we are needed. So please give if you can!