The callout in the early hours of this morning is a graphic representation of why your entry fees for this challenge and other donations people make are essential to the provision of this voluntary service.

Our costs, to run the team, are in the order of £20,000 per annum.  In order to be able to deploy on this sort of activity in support of either the North Yorkshire or Humberside Police Forces we need to provide funds for at least:

  •  A secure base for our vehicles, equipment and a centralised facility for training.
  • Three response vehicles (a control unit/ambulance and two 4×4 ambulances).
  • Specialist rescue and medical equipment.
  • Communications (to market the team, activate the team for callouts and for the coordination search and rescue activities).
  • Insurances, taxes and utility charges.
  • Team personal protection equipment (which has to be changed periodically).
  • Fuel and consumables.
Team members in turn provide their time for nothing, pay for much of their own equipment and their costs of getting to a shout, training or event.
The trend of incidents this year is not unusual and you will see that we do not restrict our activities to ‘saving lives in wild and remote places’. Arguably even the open spaces in an urban environment such as the grounds and vicinity of Scarborough hospital are wild and remote on a wet and cold February night if you are vulnerable and not well prepared, through not fault of your own, for what the elements can throw at you.
Help us to help others and join one of our challenges or donate using one of the methods on our web site.

More details on the challenge are here.

Falcon Flyer 2012

Falcon Flyer