With team running costs of £40,000 per year team members are always on the lookout for imaginative ways to raise money for the charity.

At a fundraising meeting earlier in the year a throw away remark that if each operational team member were to raise just £100 then we would be 1/10th of our way to our annual target.

Team member and Prison Officer Andre was clearly listening and set himself the target of completing the Falcon Flyer Challenge to raise his contribution.   Thank to his dedication, persistence and the kind generosity of his colleagues at HMP Full Sutton, York the target of £100 ended up as a fantastic £864.   This was further matched by an addition £400 kindly donated by a Prison Officers charity giving scheme taking the total to a great £1284.

The team were delighted to be invited to Full Sutton on Friday 26th of June to receive a cheque for the amount from Ed Cornmell, Governor HMP Full Sutton.  The presentation outside of the gates of the prison was followed by an educational and informative tour of the facility by Andre.  Those present are truly grateful for the generosity of all who contributed and equally grateful to walk out of the gates as free people following the visit.

The picture shows (from left to right)  Ed Cornmell, Governor HMP Full Sutton presenting the cheque to Team Chairman Roger Hartley,  Team Member Andre Brown (proudly displaying his Mountain Rescue badge) and Team Secretary Helen Hayton.   Picture by Ian Hugill.

HMP Full Sutton