Mountain Rescue England and Wales are sponsoring a series of training weekends to qualify a number of team Level 3 Swift Water and Flood Rescue Technicians to Level 2 Water First Responder Instructor standard with a view to taking this experience home to the regions to the benefit of the teams in the various panels and regions.

Along with six other students from around England and Wales SRMRT had three team members attend the first such course this weekend in North Wales.
The weekend, one of two each student has to attend, consists of both classroom and practical work followed by formal assessment and is run on behalf of MREW by Outreach Rescue.
They were blessed with a significant downpour of rain overnight on Friday which meant the rivers had significant volumes of water for the practical session on the Saturday and while the levels had dropped on the Sunday the venue was well suited to the more technical aspects of the training.
A well run course with excellent facilities meant that there were loads of leaning opportunity and as always good banter between the various teams. Gary, John and Ian are now deep into study and revision before they return in late November to reinforce the skills and be formally assessed.