The team voted in three more full team members last night…..

At one of our routine team meetings last night the team membership unanimously voted to offer Neil Armstrong, Paul Kirby and Robert Newburn full team membership.

When an individual wishes to join the team as an operational team member they first are given trainee status and are helped to obtain a subset of the core training modules.  Once these are obtained and subject to achieving  to a set number of training hours then the Operation Group consider them to be included on the callout list.

Once on the callout list training and assessment to potential full team membership continues until all core modules are earned and the individual has served a prescribed period of membership.  The committee then review their status and performance before recommending full team membership to the wider team.

All this process shows a significant commitment to the team and all three are to be congratulated on this achievement.

Pictures below show Rob and Paul receiving their certificates from Chair Roger last night.  Neil was unable to attend but we will catch up with him in the near future.  We are also delighted that over the last month we welcomed six new trainees who are about to start on this journey.



2014-11-12 19.53.57 2014-11-12 19.52.30