Flash flood rages through West Beck below New Wath Scar, Goathland.

Five member of a walking party in the area at the time reported missing.

Team callout to search the beck from its confluence with the outfall of Mallyan Spout Waterfall upstream to the road bridge by New Wath Farm.
Two hill parties deployed to search paths in the area while a Swiftwater and flood rescue team were deployed to search the river bed.
Two casualties found relatively quickly:
One in the river unresponsive, severely hypothermic and likely to have sustained significant trauma. This was ‘Bob’ our overweight water rescue manikin.
The second a stretcher case on difficult steep ground at New Wath Scar. This was Tom, a team member who was later to ‘enjoy’ an interesting carry out.
The immediate result was control initiating a triage situation to make best use of available manpower and equipment and make call on the team doctor to remotely initiate an ECMO procedure to receive the water casualty. (Dr Mike though he was going to have a peaceful evening with the family!). Bob had to be evacuated by raft as there is never a helicopter and winch available when you need one on an exercise.
Once these casualties had been treated and evacuated then the search resumed for the remaining three missing walkers.
The SRT team resisted dropping in on the Mallyan Spout hotel for the third time that evening and resumed their search from the waterfall. They soon discovered Liz sat clear of the water with a leg and shoulder injury resulting in yet another carry out.
While this extraction was taking place the last two misper were found safe an well in a local hostel.

Thanks to Russ and Paul for setting up the exercise.
To David and Shane for bringing order from chaos in Control.
To Tom, Liz and Bob for being excellent casualties.
To Dr Mike for NOT calling a major incident when we disturbed him
and to all those team members who gave up their Saturday evening and some of Sunday morning.

Truly saving lives in wild and remote places
So much more than mountains
24 x 7