Sadly around 1,000 people visit A&E every year around bonfire night with burns and firework related injuries, with half of these people being under the age of 16. Team support member and Trainee Paramedic, Chloe gives some timely advice on the treatment of burn injuries.

Most of the injuries involve the eyes, head and hands and happen at private or family displays. Under 5’s should not be using sparklers and those over 5 should use them with caution and ensure they are wearing gloves, children using sparklers should be supervised at all times.

If anybody is involved in an incident and has a burn injury you will need to cool the burn for at least 20 more with cool running water on the area and the area immediately surrounding the injury, this is to help with pain, scarring and further damage and always cover with cling film to prevent any infection. If there are any clothes stuck to the burn do not rip these off, carefully cut around the clothes. If the patient’s clothes have caught fire encourage them to stop, drop and roll around on the ground until the flames have been smothered.

Ensure the patient goes to hospital unless the burn is very small, if the burn is serious call 999 as soon as possible. Remember, running water and cling film are the best treatment for any burn and always ensure you seek medical help and advice.

Scarborough and Ryedale Mountain Rescue Team hope everyone has an enjoyable and most of all safe Bonfire Night.

Chloe Clarkson, for November 2020 newsletter.