The team were called by Yorkshire Ambulance Service at 15:30 on the 14th of November to assist with the rescue of an 86 year old lady who had been dog walking with a companion on tracks approximately a third of a mile south of Aislaby near Whitby.

The lady had fallen and sustained an arm injury, potential hip and leg injuries and was unable to walk. A Yorkshire Ambulance Service crew were on scene but were unable to get their vehicle close to the incident nor safely carry her back to the road.

Upon arrival in the village a team 4 x 4 ambulance with team members was dispatched close to the find site, the lady then was lifted into a vacuum mattress/bell stretcher before been driven back to the road for transfer to the YAS ambulance and onward transfer to Scarborough Hospital.

Thirteen team members were involved for two and a half hours.

The pictures below show team members transferring  the lady from our vehicle to the county ambulance.