Some recognition at yesterday’s team meeting:

Firstly congratulations to Steve and Liz for being voted in as full team members by the team after going well over and above their probationary training and attendance.

We then had the honour and pleasure to award Steve the Mountain Rescue England and Wales 40 year (yes 40 year) award for his time and service elsewhere in the MR community. A remarkable achievement.

Last but by no means least recognition and thanks to Kelly who has done so much to raise much needed funds for the team with her Hardmoors Princess Challenge and Nemesis (look it up – 19th of November and 44 places left) AND when not organising the events she raises money by entering our Saltergate Circuit setting standards as the fastest visually impaired entrant (guided by our very own John).

Pictures show team Chair Roger congratulating them on behalf of the whole team.

Well done all.